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Introducing Orion Dispatch Console: the new standard for the mobile, frontline workforce

Orion is proud to introduce our next innovation in enterprise communication: Orion Dispatch Console. Web-based and requiring no extra hardware and no software to install, Orion Dispatch Console enables a whole new set of workers to participate in real-time communication. An industry first – Why we created Orion Dispatch Console Our customers asked for it! […]

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Providing Premium Hospitality Services with Orion Push to Talk Services and Workflows: Belle Haven Country Club

As a hospitality organization with an enormous property, Belle Haven Country Club is continuously looking for better ways to get everything done. Delivering an exceptional guest experience requires maintaining seamless employee communication to deliver high-quality service every day. When Radios Failed, They Turned to Texting Management initially set up a two-way radio system and issued […]

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FirstNet “Core Mission Apps” webinar: Orion voice workflows for public safety

FirstNet is the nationwide communications platform dedicated to America’s public safety community. It’s designed to properly handle the rigorous demands of first responders. With FirstNet, first responders can connect to the critical information they need every day and in every emergency. In this exciting “Core Mission Apps” webinar from FirstNet and MissionCritical Communications, Orion presented […]

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Voice-Enabled Workflows Part Three: Compliance and Standard Operating Procedures

Compliance and standard procedures often matter most where they’re most difficult, with a mobile workforce operating in busy environments. Effective procedures keep your staff focused on strategic goals, help operations run smoothly, and save your organization from fines and lawsuits. Orion is a leader in voice-activated compliance automation.  Orion’s procedure workflows simplify the compliance and […]

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Voice-Enabled Workflows Part Two: Create a Safety Culture with Automated Safety Procedures

Safety is a top priority for every company. Accidents and injuries not only hurt team members but also slow down an organization by increasing absenteeism and turnover, and reducing productivity. Seek to create a safety culture within your organization with powerful new tools available today. Voice-enabled workflows allow for deep implementation of safety practices and […]

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What Are Orion Groups?

Organizing your groups effectively will help you get the most out of your Orion subscription. Groups determine who team members can and can’t talk to. So how you choose to set up your groups will dramatically influence your team’s productivity. In this article, we’ll share some tips for setting up your groups based on how […]

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What is Orion Device as a Service (DaaS)?

Acquiring a new communications solution usually requires a complicated purchasing effort: a basket of hardware, software, and subscription options need to be negotiated and secured with multiple vendors before a system can even be tested. Don’t have time for all that? Would you prefer a fully managed solution that includes everything (hardware, software, and service) […]

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Voice-Enabled Workflows (and Why Your Team Needs Them) Part One: Workflows for Team Effectiveness

The enterprise mobile workforce tends to be woefully underserved in Digital Transformations, because the use cases are challenging to solve with traditional enterprise tech. Mobile workers are frontline operators, performing tasks in a heads-up and often hands-free manner in guest- and customer-facing transportation, manufacturing, and field service roles. They need real-time communication among co-workers, centralized […]

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