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Announcing AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge

Announcing AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge: Extending powerful voice collaboration platform to LMR and rugged phones Orion Labs is proud to announce AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge. Now teams using rugged smartphones and traditional land mobile radio (LMR) systems can use their voice to trigger automated processes, access critical information, and stay connected […]

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Report: Voice in the Workplace

85% of professionals want to use voice tools People rely on voice communication to get work done. And effective voice communication can improve productivity, save money, and improve customer service. Last year, demand for new voice services, particularly among business users, increased dramatically. Workers and industry professionals also have more options than ever when it […]

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Introducing App Talk for iOS

What if there were a secure walkie-talkie app that could do more than push-to-talk across any distance? Now there is. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Orion App Talk. App Talk enables a new means of communication on the Orion platform, adding more flexibility and convenience for our business users. To use Orion, […]

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Orion Labs selected as IoT Wearables Innovation Vendor of the Year by 2018 IoT Breakthrough Awards

IoT Breakthrough Awards recognizes Onyx smart wearable walkie-talkie IoT Breakthrough has selected Orion Labs, the fast-growing voice platform for teams, for its 2018 “IoT Wearables Innovation Vendor of the Year” award. Orion Labs was recognized for its innovative product Onyx, the smart, wearable walkie-talkie, which delivers realtime voice services to anyone, across any distance. The […]

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How Voice-Powered Wearables Can Transform Your Business

So many technologies on the market are available to help your team communicate and collaborate. Email in the cloud and on your smartphone. Document sharing. Unified communications. However, while efficient, these technologies still don’t always fit the way your team works. In today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive world, customer service is king. Speed and efficiency can set […]

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