Communicate Securely, Safely, and Discreetly with
Push-To-Talk 2.0 Platform

Real-time Collaboration for Field Operations and Government Agencies

The Department of Defense and Intelligence Community oversee complicated field operations, often in remote, hostile, and challenging locations. Field teams and operations centers need complete situational awareness and actionable insights to keep team members safe and operationally effective. They need a communication and collaboration platform that supports each mission’s unique needs. Orion’s Push-to-Talk 2.0 (PTT 2.0) provides the intelligent collaboration needed to thrive against today’s challenging global threats.
Orion PTT 2.0 connects all intelligence operatives

Act Fast with PTT 2.0

Orion’s PTT 2.0 enables government operations to spin up and close down 1:1 or group communications instantly, mission by mission. Team members can rapidly talk, text, share images, video and information over an end-to-end encrypted service to respond, manage and execute field operations.

Never Lose Contact with Orion’s Communication Platform

Field teams operate all over the world, often in hostile environments. Orion’s unified platform helps field teams and operations centers stay connected with unlimited range over any available network, including LTE, WiFi, MESH and satellite. Orion’s platform bridges communications with land mobile radios (LMR), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to ensure interoperability.
Military Surveillance Team of Officers Managing National Security, Technology and Army Communications
Orion helps defense teams blend into the crowd

Choose the Right Device to Ensure Mission Success

Each mission requires the right tools for success. With Orion, field teams can use mobile phones and handheld devices for discrete operations or ruggedized devices and accessories for missions in rough terrain. No matter what device teams use, they have instant connections with each other and operations centers.

Ensure Security with End-to-End Encryption

Defense and Intelligence teams cannot compromise on security. Orion’s end-to-end encryption and security was specifically designed and implemented for our government clients. Each message is encrypted using AES-256 with ephemeral keys and is compliant with the FIPS 140-2 standard which protects proprietary and sensitive information and communications.
Defense field team communication - Soldiers using laptop in desert operation
Orion's advanced location services help defense teams monitor deployed resources

Maintain Control with Centralized Operational Visibility

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform enhances operational visibility with real-time geolocation of individual team members whether stationary or moving rapidly in vehicles. Team leaders use this complete, real-time view of all assets on-the-ground to evaluate situations and allocate assets to improve mission success. Each team member within a unit, the team unit themselves, and operational control or incident commander are always in sync.

See the Complete Situation with Multimodal Communications

Orion’s platform provides multimodal communications, so field teams can share a complete, real-time view of on-the-ground operations. Teams can share photos, PDFs, videos, and texts to provide operational command a complete picture of their situation. Command and field teams use this information to improve decision-making, safety, and incident response. All media messages are over the same end-to-end encrypted message stream.
Orion multimedia messaging field teams cell phone
Process Automation Workflow - Orion

Move Faster with Voice-Activated Automated Responses

Orion’s PTT 2.0 provides voice-activated automated workflows so field teams can operate at greater speed and accuracy. For example, Orion workflows provide Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Response, Geofencing actions and more.

For example, if there is an emergency and someone states a predefined codeword – such as “help-help-help” – Orion’s platform automatically starts the correct workflow to activate protocols and respond. Field teams do not have to wait for someone to answer a call or review procedures, increasing the chance for mission success and field team safety.

Maintain Control with Voice AI Bots

Automate processes with intelligent Voice AI Bots and workflows. Always-on Bots respond to voice queries and perform tasks based on commands, events, and actions.

Circle emergency alerts icon

Incident Response and Reporting

Enable your team to call for help or report incidents from anywhere in the world with just a word. Record and archive all metadata, communication, and geolocation information for analysis and after action reporting.

Circle standard operating procedures icon

Standard Operating Procedures

Offload routine processes triggered by voice commands, events, or actions. Bots can respond to voice queries for information from manuals, guides, or documents. They can provide real-time language translation to improve insight, response, and context.

Integrate with existing apps - Orion

Integrate with Critical Field Technology

Operate critical solutions like ATAK with a simple voice command, remaining heads-up and situationally aware.

Leading Companies Choose Orion Push-to-Talk 2.0 and Voice AI Bots

"For us, our bottom line is making sure our team gets home safely every night,” said Stephen Bobella, Executive Director, Northern Berks EMS. “Tools like Orion help us make that happen"
Stephen Bobella
Executive Director, Northern Berks EMS.