Transit & Transportation Communications

Team communication, voice automation, and voice interaction with backend systems

Orion is the award-winning PTT 2.0 Platform with Voice AI Workflows that transforms productivity and safety through improved driver, dispatcher, and rider experiences.

Orion PTT 2.0 and Voice AI Platform is designed specifically for the communication and voice automation needs of transit and transportation operations of all sizes – from public transit and paratransit to transportation operators and Fortune 500 companies.

1 Billion+ Trips
a Year

5 Million+ Trips
a Day


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1K+ Drivers
1K+ Vehicles
15M+ Messages Sent Annually
12K+ Trips Daily
$800K saved annually with voice automating the Shift Check-in with Orion’s Voice AI Workflow

Field Service Communications

2K+ Dispatchers
20K+ Vehicles
5M+ Trips per day
1.2B+ Trips Annually
Automation results in $$ saved through reducing minutes of manual work, increasing efficiency, and thereby improving productivity for each worker — all multiplied across an entire workforce

Tablets and smartphones running the Orion app, plus the Onyx wearable

Dynamic Environments Require Real-Time Communications

Plans are continuously changing, and teams need a transportation communications platform to respond and meet all commitments. Dynamically direct fleet movements with Orion’s web-based Operations Console, providing operational control, voice dispatch, and location tracking services in any web browser — with no software to install.

Automate with Voice AI Workflows

Orion voice-driven automation enhances productivity and safety for drivers, constrained operations staff, and overloaded dispatchers. Our workflows offer an extraordinary value proposition saving our customers millions in operational costs with Shift Check-In, Voice-Driven Checklists, Speech-to-Speech Translation, Emergency Escalation, and more.
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Optimize Operations with Analytics

Orion’s platform is the voice and location system of record for your operation. Orion’s platform captures the data to help you optimize your fleet and support operations for greater productivity and improved customer experience. We preserve all data and messages in an archive for analysis and compliance.

Overlay Push-to-Talk into Any In-Vehicle Application Suite

We work with leading companies to digitally transform their transportation communications by integrating Push-to-Talk with their existing applications. Always have voice PTT available, no matter what software is foregrounded.
Push-to-Talk Apps (PTT Apps) - Choose and enterprise-ready solution
Intelligent Transportation Communication - Award - Orion
“Orion offers transportation customers the latest advancements in collaboration technology to make transportation operations safer and more productive and to better serve their customers.”
— Stephanie Matthew, Managing Editor of Logistics and Transportation Review

Voice AI Workflows for Transit and Transportation

Today’s fleet operators need automation solutions that keep their drivers hands-free, heads-up, and focused on their job in both routine and urgent situations. Orion Voice AI Workflows automate routine processes and deliver increased productivity across a variety of everyday tasks, like forms and checklists.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Mitigate risk while saving staff time. Using their voice, drivers initiate and complete safety checklists, dispatching mechanics when required. Record and archive SOPs to meet compliance requirements.

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Shift Check-in

Make dispatcher time count for more. Orion confirms to drivers they are online without requiring dispatch to respond, saving hours a day when managing large fleets.

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Speech-to-Speech Translation

Unlock access to an expanded labor pool, instantly translating messages between team members. Each worker communicates and receives responses from team members in their preferred language, ensuring clear, safe, and productive work.

Companies Using Transportation Communication Solutions from Orion

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The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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