E-book: Push-to-Talk 2.0

Discover The Next Generation of Unified Communications for the Frontline Workforce

By: Michael Schwartz

Enterprise collaboration technology is swiftly moving towards Unified Communications (UC) to meet the urgent need to connect teams and significantly increase productivity. Over the last few years, leading organizations have seen the transformative benefits of implementing UC technology with their desked workers. But they cannot afford to stop there.

Deskless or frontline workers must be the next frontier for Unified Communications strategies. Here the challenge begins for management, IT administrators, and innovation officers. UC technology is ubiquitous for the desked worker but often difficult to source for workers who operate on the go, heads up, or face-to-face with customers.

Enter Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0.

Orion’s latest e-book offers a deep dive into the transformative opportunities of PTT 2.0, its history, and practical use cases. Read on to see what’s covered in our e-book.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0 and Unified Communications - E-book from Orion

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What is Push-to-Talk 2.0?

To understand the next generation of push-to-talk, let’s start with the basics. At its simplest, PTT technology is a communications solution where a user pushes a button to instantly send short voice messages to one or many users at once.

Enterprise-ready PTT solutions must go further though and provide communication over any distance, any network, and any device. Modern PTT should support multimedia collaboration with voice, text, photos, files, and videos. PTT delivered via app or web-based console must also offer mapping and real-time geolocation information, playback, archiving, and compliance.

Simply put, these are the table stakes of PTT or the bare minimum requirements for frontline communications.

Orion Unified Communications and Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0Orion is the only PTT vendor to meet these table stakes. Some vendors can send text messages (that are unsecure without E2EE). Some vendors can communicate over long distances. But no other vendor can offer device- and network-agnostic, end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) multimedia communications, geolocation, and operational control over any distance.

Orion didn’t stop here though. We built the first PTT 2.0 platform.

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform radically modernizes push-to-talk communications, moving well-beyond current PTT solutions. Keep reading to learn the four features that separate Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform from other PTT solutions and take frontline communications into the future.

#1 Voice AI Bots

Push-to-Talk Voice Bots - PTT 2.0 Platform - Orion
Orion offers four different types of Voice AI Bots to radically transform frontline operations. In our e-book, we take a deep dive into the four different types of Voice AI Bots improving productivity, safety, and customer engagement for frontline teams using the Orion PTT 2.0 Platform:
Process automation for PTT 2.0

Process Automation

Voice-automate work to make frontline teams more productive.


Emergency Response

React faster and more accurately in critical situations such as an emergency.

Intelligence amplification for PTT 2.0

Intelligence Amplification

Amplify team member knowledge by connecting them with corporate systems and third-party services to provide real-time intelligence.

Value-added services for PTT 2.0

Value-Added Services

Provide value-added services like real-time language translation and transcription.

#2 Integrations with Third-Party Service

Push-to-talk voice integrates into corporate systems and adds voice activation to operational applications such as property, task, incident, and workforce management; routing; and situational awareness solutions. In our e-book, we cover how Orion’s API layer digitally connects frontline workers into the enterprise and supports all the possibilities of Unified Communications with third-party integrations.

#3 End-to-End Encryption

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform and message service is end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) at AES256 level with ephemeral keys and is certified to the FIPS 140-2, NSA Suite B cipher to protect your proprietary and sensitive information, communications, and — most important — your workers. You can learn more in our e-book about how Orion is committed to protecting your company’s communications.

#4 Secure Cloud Deployment​

Secure Cloud Deployment for PTT 2.0

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform deploys in-cloud, on-premise, or on-site air-gapped to support your security and corporate governance requirements. Orion’s PTT 2.0 has you covered no matter how your organization needs to deploy to meet your operational or governance requirements.

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What is the ROI of Operating on the Orion PTT 2.0 Platform?

When deciding if PTT 2.0 is right for your organization, we know return on investment (ROI) is a critical component for consideration.

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform doesn’t just improve communication for your deskless workforce — it enhances your company’s bottom line, too. The ROI for PTT 2.0 goes well beyond replacing the hard costs of expensive radios (that can’t send text messages), FCC licenses, costly radio infrastructure, and PTT app devices (that don’t have screens).

Our e-book shows how your company will increase productivity and positively affect the bottom line. Download the e-book to see:

  • How one of America’s largest transportation organizations reduced annual cost by $700,000
  • How Orion can improve safety and reduce days lost to injury thereby dramatically improving productivity
  • How one of the world’s largest technology companies used Orion to increase safety across 5,000 global users at 100s of locations in multiple countries
  • How Orion enhances customer engagement for retailers and boosts sales
  • How one of the world’s largest hospitality brands enhanced the guest experience across multiple teams
  • And more.

Read the e-book to learn more about each ROI opportunity

Ready to Connect Your Frontline Workforce with Unified Communications?

This blog post only touches on the beginning of what you’ll discover in the Push-to-Talk 2.0 E-book. Frontline workers will only continue to struggle with outdated or limited communications technology. Ultimately, this bad technology hinders teams from operating effectively and safely.

Now is the time for the digital transformation benefits of PTT 2.0.

Download our 43-page PTT 2.0 e-book to discover:

  • How Unified Communications via real-time voice impacts industries such as Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, Security, and Logistics
  • The ROI of operating on Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform
  • Detailed descriptions of Orion’s AI Voice Bots, third-party integrations, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and secure cloud deployment
  • How to create a connected workforce with unified communications
  • The Push-to-Talk Landscape
  • And so much more

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