Optimize Logistics with Voice AI Workflows

Real-time Collaboration Across the Supply Chain

Optimized logistics increases efficiency, lowers costs, and improves production rates, inventory control, and use of warehouse space. Optimizing logistics requires coordination between manufacturing, warehousing and transportation across different teams, job functions, and locations.

Orion’s Voice AI Platform enables seamless communication across your entire supply chain.
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Eliminate Language Barriers with Language Translation

Communicate more effectively with diverse teams using Orion’s bidirectional, speech-to-speech Language Translation. Orion provides real-time, two-way, translate-out-translate-back communication. You speak in your native language, and the recipient receives the message in their native language.

Work Smarter and Faster with Voice-Automated Checklists

Save time and eliminate manual errors with Voice-Automated Checklists. Frontline workers complete checklists, status checks, and documentation faster and more accurately, ensuring better product movement through the supply chain and providing complete documentation and visibility for compliance checks.

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intelligence amplification bots

Get Real-time Answers with Intelligence Amplification Workflows

Give frontline workers real-time access to systems, data, and subject matter experts from any location – on the road, in a factory, or in a warehouse. Workers can ask questions and receive instant responses from knowledge bases and backend systems.

Improve Safety with Voice-Automated Emergency Workflows

Use simple voice commands to trigger automated, multi-step workflows. Orion’s Emergency Response Bots contact emergency personnel, trigger alarms and safety procedures, and update management, enabling faster, smarter responses to location breaches and other incidents

automatic workflows for emergencies
boost warehouse efficiency with Orion workflows

Eliminate Delays with Real-time Collaboration

Keep products moving when unforeseen disruptions occur. Collaborate with frontline workers in warehouses, depots, and on the road using any network, including LTE, private LTE, Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh. Communicate over any distance and maintain connectivity through floors, stairwells, and concrete walls.

React Faster to Unexpected Events

Know the exact location of all assets and team members with Orion’s Advanced Location Services with real-time geolocation. When unexpected events occur, management can adjust plans, reallocate resources, optimize routes, and update delivery estimates as events unfold.

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Optimize Operations and Compliance Reporting

Monitor communication groups in real time or review recordings. All staff messages and interactions, including voice, text, and visual media, are recorded and archived. This information also helps teams optimize operations and create more accurate incident reports, reaction analyses, and compliance reports.

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Incident Response

Enable your team to call for help or report incidents from anywhere in the world with just a word. Record and archive all metadata, communication, and geolocation information for analysis and after action reporting

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Automated Checklists

Offload routine processes triggered by voice commands, events, or actions. Bots can respond to voice queries for information from manuals, guides, or documents. They can provide real-time language translation to improve insight, response, and context.

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Geofencing Voice Alerts

Alert workers of critical information when they enter specific locations. Make loading and unloading goods more efficient. Notify management when workers or vehicles enter specific locations - warehouses, yards, manufacturing plants, etc.

Leading Companies Choose Orion's Voice AI Workflows

“Orion offers transportation customers the latest advancements in collaboration technology to make transportation operations safer and more productive and to better serve their customers.”
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Stephanie Matthew
Managing Editor, Logistics and Transportation Review