Healthcare Collaboration Platform

Transform Patient Care with Orion Push-to-Talk 2.0
and Voice AI Bots

Activate a Secure Healthcare Collaboration Platform for All Teams

Serve the needs of your health care teams well beyond traditional communications by implementing a healthcare collaboration platform that enables messaging of voice, text, photo, video, and files. Orion’s secure Push-to-Talk 2.0 platform is end-to-end encrypted and provides the highest audio quality with low demands on your bandwidth.
Healthcare teams collaboration
Incident Responders - Emergency Workflows | Orion Labs

Handle Incident Response at the Push of a Button

Your healthcare collaboration software should help your team respond faster to emergencies. Trigger a Voice Bot when a key phrase is spoken, plus alert safety teams with important location data and start emergency workflows.

Increase Medical Team Safety With Voice-Activated SOPs

Keep your workforce and patients safe by automating processes like safety check-ins, return-to-work protocols, and patient routing. SOP Workflow is a Voice Bot that speeds up routine processes like forms and checklists.
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Get the Information You Need at the Point of Care

Your healthcare collaboration platform should help people make better decisions, faster. Orion gives your workers real-time information when and where they need it with PTT 2.0 and Voice Bots.
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“Orion’s reliable Wi-Fi and cellular data-based collaboration platform will support our Inspīr staff throughout their daily activities, both onsite and offsite, as we provide the highest level of care for our residents. Orion’s system provides the communications functionality, dispatch capabilities, and safety procedure workflows that our staff need to ensure that our residents’ lives are safer, happier, and healthier.”
— Tom Caprio, Director of Information Technology, Maplewood Senior Living

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