Voice technology is transforming healthcare.

Healthcare workstream collaboration needs are accelerating. 70% of hospital-related sentinel events — unanticipated events harming patient health — involve communication. With the advent of the coronavirus crisis, communication between field frontline workers and institutional healthcare systems is critical. Orion delivers improved team operations and better patient routing with a suite of healthcare solutions: secure, encrypted voice and media messaging, together with voice-activated digital workflows for crucial information retrieval and collaboration. The need for a new healthcare communication solution is urgent. Orion transforms healthcare workstream collaboration — today.

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Collaborate instantly and retrieve crucial information

Communication between field frontline workers and institutional healthcare systems is critical, with constantly changing collaboration modes and participants. In a single solution, Orion delivers secure, encrypted voice and media messaging together with voice-activated digital workflows to seamlessly connect frontline teams.

Synchronize providers with all other teams

Serve contemporary Workstream needs well beyond traditional hospital-bound communications. Orion provides real-time location management and dispatch to synchronize healthcare teams, as well as facilities, operations, and security staffs.

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Equip every worker regardless of location

Conventional Healthcare communication tech has been tethered to server solutions that are costly to deploy, dependent on Wi-Fi connections and desktop computers, restricted to inside buildings and incapable of supporting the dynamic needs of today’s workstreams. Orion’s cloud-native solution equips every participant of the workstream, on site or on the road, across the street or across town, with instant communication and access to information.

Voice-Activated Business Automation

Orion AI Workflows are software integrations and automations that help your team do more with voice. AI Workflows are easy to use — simply speak, and Orion gets it done. Healthcare teams use AI Workflows to improve activity reporting and protect team members who work alone.

Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures

Mitigate risk while saving staff time. Using their voice, workers initiate and complete safety checklists, which are automatically distributed.

Emergency Alerts
Emergency Alerts

Enable your team to call for help, no matter where they are. When an emergency phrase is spoken, Orion alerts safety teams with important location data.

Compliance Documentation
Compliance Documentation

Painlessly generate correct documentation. Workers activate the workflow by saying the name (for example, “shift report”), then answering questions asked.

Rock Medicine Delivers Essential Medical Care at San Francisco’s Annual Pride Celebration

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“At a past event, we tested the LTE connected solution from [major radio vendor], and nobody on the team wanted to use it. When we deployed Orion’s enterprise voice and advanced location services at our biggest annual event, we saw a huge difference in adoption. Our teams enthusiastically adopted Orion, and we immediately expanded our use beyond the original scope.”

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