What is Orion?

Orion provides voice-first intelligent collaboration for the deskless workforce.


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The New Collaboration Standard for the Deskless Workforce

Voice-First, Multimodal Collaboration Voice-First, Multimodal Collaboration  
Operational  Control Operational Control  
Process  Automation Process Automation  
Intelligence Amplification (IA) Intelligence Amplification (IA)  
Analytics Analytics  
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Innovation and the Voice-First Intelligent Collaboration Platform

Orion’s powerful collaboration platform takes deskless workforces well beyond standard real-time communication and operational control and enables innovation and digital transformation.

Cloud-Native SaaS
Cloud-Native SaaS

The Orion platform is cloud-based and edge-delivered.

Orion Voice AI Bots
Orion Voice AI Bots

Voice AI Bots deliver process automation by responding to queries, automating processes, and more.

SDK and APIs
SDK and APIs

Connect Orion groups and Bots with custom software endpoints.

Communicate Securely with Voice-First, Multimodal Collaboration

Communicate securely, over any distance, on any network, with any device.

Coordinate Effective Operational Control

Use Operations Console to centralize operational visibility, management, and decision-making to enhance productivity.

Automate Simple or Complex Processes

Allow employees to focus on higher value tasks by automating routine processes and procedures. Digitize urgent & dynamic situations, optimizing operations and reducing costs.

Amplify Employee Intelligence

Empower your deskless workers by giving them better information, turning your critical deskless workers into a truly connected workforce. Orion delivers intelligence in real-time at the point of work.

Optimize Operations with Analytics

Gain insight into company performance by analyzing team communications and metadata. Uncover opportunities for optimization and enable continuous improvement for staff operations and customer experience.

Deployment Options

Orion Platform Global, resilient, and highly available.
Orion Private SaaS Private cloud deployment, supported by Orion.
Orion On-Premise For environments without internet connectivity.

Companies Using the Orion Voice-First, Intelligent Platform

Workers at a manufacturing plant

The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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