Optimize Customer Service With an Intelligent Retail Collaboration Platform

Today, retailers must provide superior service, requiring workers to manage thousands of SKUs, assist with omnichannel order execution, accommodate spikes in customer volume, execute new protocols for safety and compliance, offer expert product advice, and more.

Orion for Retail provides always-on, scalable solutions that offer improved employee collaboration, productivity, visibility, and customer experience.

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Provide Exceptional Customer Experience

Hands-free, voice-activated solutions ensure workers have access to the right information in real-time with instant access to experts and retail systems.

Faster Time to Productivity for Seasonal and New Employees

Orion can act as a real-time, in-your-ear trainer and provide instant access to enterprise expertise.

Automate and Optimize Processes Both In-Store and Off the Retail Floor

Process automation reduces costs, increases sales, and speeds operational throughput for increasingly complex retail operations. Optimize workstreams within and beyond the store, including curbside service, delivery, inbound inventory, and outbound shipments — across stores, warehouses, and regional offices.

Collaboration for Retail Teams

Communicate with all retail teams — including store managers, service teams, front end, point of sale, merchandisers, and security teams.

Create Unlimited Groups of Any Size
Create Unlimited Groups of Any Size

Communicate with no limit on the number or size of your groups.

Communicate One-to-One & with Groups
Communicate One-to-One & with Groups

Reach team members at the touch of a button and switch groups with a swipe.

Connect Teams in Real Time, Anywhere
Connect Teams in Real Time, Anywhere

Connect workers to teams, regional managers, and headquarters.

“At a past event, we tested the LTE connected solution from [major radio vendor], and nobody on the team wanted to use it. When we deployed Orion’s enterprise voice and advanced location services at our biggest annual event, we saw a huge difference in adoption. Our teams enthusiastically adopted Orion, and we immediately expanded our use beyond the original scope.”

Companies Succeeding with Orion

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The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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