Completely Encrypted Communications
Completely Encrypted Communications

Your voice messages, photos, videos, and location are always encrypted.

Your Data, Untouched
Your Data, Untouched

Your data is fully secured at your point of use. No external or third-party vulnerabilities.

Future Secrecy & Privacy
Future Secrecy & Privacy

Orion employs a Per Message Encryption Scheme and Ephemeral Key Cryptography.

We Architected Security and Encryption Into the Foundation of Our Technology, Unlike Other Collaboration Solutions

We committed to building the highest level of security and encryption into the foundation of the platform on Day One — whereas others have attempted to bolt-on limited security approaches after the fact.

Secure the Data Generated by Your Deskless Workforce

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures sensitive and proprietary data like customer information, transactions, employee health information, or real-time location of executives is protected.

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Encrypt Every Message, All the Time, from Anywhere

Regardless of where your workers are and what devices they use, Orion secures their communications from end to end.

Future-Proof Your Communications

Orion actively monitors and participates in the industry-wide progression of E2EE protocols, constantly evolving our standards for future threats.

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Companies Protecting their Deskless Worker Communication with Orion End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

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The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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