Frontline AI: Unlocking Task Worker Productivity

Orion delivers Systems of Action to Frontline Edge Operations with Frontline AI

2023 is shaping up to be a game-changing year for the implementation of AI. 

Today’s global enterprises know AI offers the potential to unlock transformative productivity for knowledge workers. However, forward-thinking businesses know they must similarly deliver AI to their frontline workforce to fully realize AI-driven productivity across the enterprise, all while reinforcing safety protocols. 

Unlike desked or knowledge work, the nature of frontline work requires innovative methods to deliver AI to edge and task workers. Any solution must consider and support how frontline workers operate day-to-day and deliver productivity measurable in seconds to minutes per worker per shift.

Orion has pioneered frontline worker access to AI, enabling an easy and compelling new concept: Frontline AI.

Frontline AI will enable a generational leap in frontline workforce productivity, comparable to the frontline impact of Henry Ford’s assembly line or the introduction of the personal computer to knowledge-based work nearly 30 years ago.

So what exactly is Frontline AI? Let’s dive in.

What is Frontline AI?

Our Frontline AI Platform delivers automation through proprietary Voice AI Workflows

It’s intentional that we chose voice to power Frontline AI. Voice delivery supports the employee experience (EX) and the everyday reality of frontline workers performing their jobs and completing routine tasks — deskless, dispersed, and heads up. Voice is the necessary bridge between the functions performed by frontline workers and the transformative benefits of AI for operations automation and worker safety.

The frontline workforce tools must enable team members to stay heads up and focused. Frontline AI meets this requirement by utilizing voice-driven inputs and using natural language processing (NLP) to turn voice into data. This innovative process powers our Voice AI Workflows, unlocking operations automation at the edge or point of frontline work. 

Learn about Orion’s Voice AI Workflow: Speech-to-Speech Translation

Frontline AI and Systems of Action

Voice AI Workflows offer new and creative solutions to old and nagging problems facing today’s frontline enterprises. Deskless dispersed workers need the ability to access and provide data and information in real time from the edge. 

Orion resolves this pain point with our Voice AI Workflows. Frontline employees trigger Voice AI Workflows in two ways, a voice command that starts a back-end, automated process, or a voice query that sends or retrieves information from systems of record back to the frontline user. 

Frontline AI turns these actions or inputs into data, ultimately providing enterprises with a mature, digital, and AI-driven system of action. 

Traditional IT systems, knowledge bases, and operational systems of record have been burdensome to access at the frontline. Orion’s Voice AI Workflows are a system of action for frontline workers, making it simple to access or update corporate or operational systems of record. Frontline AI empowers task workers with data and information typically available only to knowledge workers — another game-changing step for productivity. 

Learn about Orion’s Voice AI Workflow: Shift Check-in

Unlocking the Productivity Curve with Frontline AI

Prior to the recent radical advancements in AI, it’s undeniable that worker output had generally been stagnant year after year. As technological advancements race towards new AI-driven possibilities, global enterprises must rethink the nature of the tasks assigned to frontline workers and provide them the tools they need to compete with new, unlocked productivity. 

We’ve seen firsthand how introducing Frontline AI Voice Workflows and operations automation amplifies productivity over time — an effect no enterprise with a frontline workforce can afford to neglect.

Frontline AI offers four advantages to transform frontline work: 

  1. The ability to automate routine processes.
  2. The ability to remove the long-standing barriers that prevent the frontline workforce from accessing critical business knowledge and information.
  3. The ability to get more work throughput with the same size workforce.
  4. The ability to reinforce and enhance safety protocols.

Learn More About Orion’s Frontline AI Capabilities

A growing list of forward-thinking global enterprises relies on Orion’s Frontline AI to unlock operations automation. The enterprises spanning industries like hospitality, transit & transportation, logistics, retail, and more that embrace Frontline AI now will inevitably outcompete and outperform their competitors. 

Want to learn more about the possibilities of Frontline AI for your organization? 

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