No matter what your team is doing and where they are, they need to stay focused and get work done. Traditional tools like email, voice calls, and texting can steal focus without making it easier to reach co-workers.

Orion Push to Talk provides reliable push-to-talk communication for teams of any size. Use it on the go with a smartphone, or at a desk with a tablet. Set up your Orion groups and process automations in minutes, not days.

Does your phone have a dedicated push-to-talk button? The Orion app turns your Samsung, Kyocera, or Zebra phone with dedicated programmable buttons into push-to-talk devices.

  • Create unlimited talk groups
  • Directly message individual team members
  • Talk directly from the app or add Onyx for hands-free communication
  • View team member locations with GPS location tracking
  • Utilize Android or iOS devices
  • Communicate securely
  • Administer your organization with Orion Command Center

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Business Process Automation

What if your workforce could get more done with less conversation? Orion process automation saves time for staff by equipping them with location-triggered workflows, data queries, and safety checklists. Learn more about how to increase your organization’s efficiency, compliance, and safety with Orion.

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Voice Workflows for Safety

Featured Accessories

Orion Onyx

Smart Walkie-Talkie

Count on smooth communication from any distance with these clip-on Orion Labs Onyx smart walkie-talkies. They sync with Bluetooth LE 4.0+ smartphones to let users communicate hands-free without any range limit, and they can be set on silent mode when needed.
PRICE: $99.00

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Technical Specifications

Dual microphones
Volume control
Headphone port (3.5mm)
Silent mode

Size & Weight
Body depth: 15.7mm (.63in)
Body diameter: 50mm (2in)
Weight: 35g (1.23oz)

Bluetooth LE
Antenna allows range of up to 30 ft from your phone

Power & Battery
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
Charges via included micro-USB cable

5 LED display lights

Dust-resistant IP5x rating
Operating temperature range 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C) up to 93% humidity

Using Onyx requires the Orion Labs app, currently supported on iOS and Android smartphones.

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