Transform Frontline Work with Speech-to-Speech Translation

How Orion’s Game-Changing Frontline AI Enhances Productivity 

The tight labor market across frontline industries, like hospitality, retail, logistics, transportation, and more, continues to be a challenge for employers who need to fill open positions. Notably, 1 in 5 people in the U.S. speaks a language other than English with over 8% of the U.S. population speaking English less than “very well”. So, what does that mean for frontline employers looking to hire new team members in a challenging labor market?

Increasingly, employers recognize that hiring the best available staff means hiring a multilingual workforce with various levels of English proficiency. However, this can have wide-ranging impacts that require strategic planning given language proficiency is key to orientation, training, productivity, and safety. 

Solutions that remove language barriers are more important than ever to today’s frontline enterprises. Yet, many of today’s translation solutions like Google Translate offer limited utility with translation outputs designed to be returned on a single device — and not for multi-device, real-time conversations. This isn’t good enough for enterprises that need intelligent solutions to help their growing multilingual staff enhance productivity and deliver exceptional customer service. 

Our solution? Orion Speech-to-Speech Translation. It’s a first-of-its-kind, voice-AI-powered approach that layers bi-directional translation into real-time communications, unlocking new possibilities for the deskless workforce.

Read on to learn more. 

Get the Solution Brief

What is Orion Speech-to-Speech Translation?

Orion pioneered Frontline AI to deliver a generational leap in productivity for the frontline workforce. Orion Speech-to-Speech Translation uses our proprietary Frontline AI to deliver a powerful, real-time translation tool directly to deskless workers at their point of work via our Push-to-Talk 2.0 Platform. 

Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Translation is a revolutionary, voice-driven solution that enables team members to participate in Orion talk groups adding translation into the flow of team communication. Orion groups support unlimited language preferences, utilizing bi-directional translation on voice messages so each team member can speak and hear messages in their primary or most proficient language. Each user communicates 1:1 or in Orion talk groups without needing to access a third-party translation tool or rely on a multilingual management team.

Like all our Voice AI Workflows, Orion Speech-to-Speech Translation improves productivity and safety, by supporting the needs of heads-up, deskless operations. When frontline workers use voice instead of typing on screens to communicate, they stay focused on their primary tasks.

This one workflow helps frontline employers: 

  • Unlock an expanded labor pool
  • Improve team collaboration by removing language barriers
  • Improve the productivity and safety of every employee
  • Ensure new hires are effective on Day 1 by simplifying the onboarding of multilingual staff

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Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Translation Workflow

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