Discovering Frontline AI: 3 Real World Applications and Benefits

We recently unveiled a compelling new concept, Frontline AI, which aims to unleash the potential of the frontline workforce. So, what is Frontline AI?

Frontline AI turns voice into data, powering Voice AI Workflows that unlock operations automation at the edge or point of frontline work. Frontline employees trigger Voice AI Workflows in two ways, a voice command that starts a back-end, automated process, or a voice query that sends or retrieves information from systems of record back to the frontline user.

Frontline AI turns these actions or inputs into data, providing enterprises with a mature, digital, and AI-driven system of action that makes it simple to access or update corporate or operational systems of record. Ultimately, Frontline AI empowers task workers with data and information typically available only to knowledge workers — a game-changing step for productivity.

Every frontline enterprise can benefit from voice automation delivered at the edge of work. Yet, we know each operation is unique with unique processes. So read on to learn about how some of our Voice AI Workflows can benefit operations like yours.

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Enhance Productivity and Safety with Orion’s Revolutionary Voice AI Workflows

To truly capitalize on Frontline AI at scale, enterprises must be innovative and foster a culture of curiosity about the seconds and minutes of untapped potential in frontline work: 

Here are a few questions enterprises should consider when approaching Frontline AI: 

  • What routine, time-consuming tasks and SOPs can be automated? 
  • What’s the next step in digitizing routine manual or paper-based processes? 
  • What processes will improve when seamlessly connected to backend systems? 
  • What information can be introduced to a task worker before it’s manually requested? 
  • What are the processes that, when strung together, will unlock true transformation?

Let’s take a look at a few simple ways Orion helps frontline enterprises integrate Frontline AI into their operations.

Practical Applications: Frontline AI and Voice AI Workflows in Action

Orion customers span frontline industries like retail, hospitality, transportation, logistics, security, and more. We’ve been thrilled to partner with them on their journey as they implement voice automation and unlock the transformative productivity gains from Frontline AI.

Here is a quick peak into 3 of Orion’s transformative Voice AI Workflows and their real-world applications:

Speech-to-Speech Translation

A multilingual frontline workforce poses unique challenges to effective communications. As today’s frontline leaders know, hiring the best available staff often means hiring workers with different native languages or varying levels of English proficiency. Without a solution for workers to communicate in their proficient language, miscommunications negatively affect workforce productivity, safety compliance, and customer service.

Orion real-time Speech-to-Speech Translation is a powerful productivity automation solution that unlocks access to an expanded labor pool, instantly translating languages between team members. Each worker communicates and receives responses from team members in their preferred language, ensuring clear, safe, and productive work. 

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Shift Check-in Workflow

Frontline workers are often required to check in with dispatchers or supervisors at the start of their shift. When groups of workers start their shifts at the same time, bottlenecks and delays occur — especially if managers or dispatchers must manually respond. Frontline operations require a solution that automates routine processes like shift check-ins to unlock cost savings and boost productivity hindered by traditional tools.

Orion’s Shift Check-in Workflow automates manual check-in processes, whether checking in at the start of a shift or checking in before each task. Users speak a voice command like “Status Check”, and the Orion Voice AI Workflow responds and completes the check-in without any other human intervention. This process eliminates a manual response from managers or dispatchers, gets workers productive sooner, and enables focus on higher-value tasks. This workflow can also be configured to integrate voice-driven check-ins with Time & Attendance systems of record.

Orion customer Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) uses our Shift Check-in Workflow to eliminate all manual radio checks, saving MBTA up to 10 minutes for each driver at the start of each shift. Over a year, this adds up to nearly 45 hours saved for each weekday driver and 17 hours saved for each weekend driver. Manual radio checks alone saves MBTA an estimated $700,000 each year.

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Voice Ticketing Workflow

Digital and mobile ticketing solutions revolutionized field and on-the-go operations by reducing the headaches, limited organizational visibility, and lost productivity inherent in paper-based processes. Still, these digital ticketing solutions require touchscreen data entry into tablets or mobile devices, which hinders heads-up productivity and attentive customer service.

Today’s frontline operations need to extend their ticketing system to be a voice system of action by using the power of voice. Orion’s Voice Ticketing Workflow extends the power of your frontline ticketing software system of record with voice query, automating data entry and updates with voice. Frontline teams gain the ability to populate back-end business systems of record with valuable real-time data from the frontline with Orion’s voice-driven system of action. Deskless workers achieve greater efficiencies in their day-to-day work and tasks, provide better customer experiences, and enjoy greater empowerment and job satisfaction.

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Learn More About Orion’s Frontline AI Capabilities

A growing list of forward-thinking global enterprises relies on Orion’s Frontline AI to unlock operations automation. Companies that act now will inevitably outcompete and outperform their competitors. 

Want to learn more about the possibilities of Frontline AI for your organization? 

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