Orion and the Luxury Hospitality Experience

Luxury Hawaiian Resort Deploys Orion to Enhance Guest Experience

Luxury resorts know they have to create the perfect environment the moment a guest arrives on the property. To construct the perfect guest experience (GX), leading resorts like The Boca Raton rely on Orion’s Frontline AI Workflows. We’re pleased to recently have added an 80-acre Hawaiian resort to our growing roster of luxury resorts that rely on Orion for enhanced Hospitality operations.

The luxury resort features large event spaces, 150 stand-alone guest bungalows, butler services, a fitness center, multiple pools, a spa, multiple dining options, tennis courts, ocean sports, and a cultural center. The property will use Orion’s award-winning hospitality platform to support customer-facing operations like guest services, facilities management, food and beverage, recreation, and front desk operations, as well as behind-the-scenes services like maintenance, housekeeping, and day-to-day operations management.

Orion Hospitality Workflows

Improved Productivity for Hospitality Operations with Orion

Several hundred frontline hospitality workers and managers operating dispersed across the vast luxury resort will use the Orion Frontline AI Platform to improve productivity with the following Orion features:

  • Multimodal Communications: The luxury resort’s employees use Orion to communicate via push-to-talk in ad hoc, 1:1, or group environments that enable managers to connect directly with relevant workers like food and beverage service, housekeeping, security, engineering, spa, grounds, transportation, and front desk teams. These dispersed employees and managers remain connected to their teams anywhere on or off the property over Wi-Fi and LTE. The always-on ability to communicate via voice, text, photos, videos, and files like PDFs supports a user-friendly experience for frontline staff and improves team and cross-team communications.
  • Location Management & Operational Oversight: Orion’s Operations Console enables improved productivity and safety by providing the resort’s managers with a single-pane map view of all on-site staff locations. Managers can always connect with staff and gain a complete view of real-time operations, even if they are off-site when a critical situation or emergency arises.
  • Emergency Alert Workflows: Orion’s Emergency Alert Workflow enables the resort’s dispersed staff to call for help no matter where they are. When the designated emergency phrase is spoken, the Orion Frontline AI Platform sends an automatic alert with precise x-and-y-axis location information that can pinpoint the emergency to specific rooms and floors of multi-floor hospitality operations. The Orion system is also configured to send an emergency alert email or text message with key location data to managers or even make an automated E911 call.
  • All Call Workflow: Orion’s platform further supports emergency situations with the ability to instantly send an All Call message to every employee. Employees and managers respond faster and more accurately to critical situations like dangerous weather, health emergencies, harassment of staff or guests, or hostile intruders.
  • Data & Analytics: All message and location information sent over the platform is archived for governance, risk, or compliance purposes. Managers can access key data and analyze day-to-day activities or incident responses to make informed decisions on resort productivity and safety.

Orion’s Frontline Hospitality Operations Software

In addition to the benefits of improved team communication, Orion improves team productivity through proprietary AI Workflows designed to support a world-class guest experience. Orion’s Frontline AI is a system of action that connects to hospitality operations systems of record like Amadeus Service Optimization (HotSOS), ALICE by Actabl, and Knowcross by UNIFOCUS. Orion also supports seamless collaboration with customer-facing operations and back-office management with integrations to industry-leading software like Microsoft Teams, Google, and Slack.

Orion’s AI Workflow Library and hospitality system integrations continue to evolve and expand as more and more hospitality operations realize the transformative productivity benefits of automating processes and delivering AI at the point of frontline work. Additional Orion Frontline AI Hospitality Workflows include Speech-to-Speech Language Translation, Voice-Automated Checklists, Voice-Access to Hospitality Systems, VIP Guest Arrival, and more.

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