S&P Global Market Intelligence: Voice Integration to Enterprise Systems

In this video, Raúl Castañon, Senior Analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence, shares how voice user interfaces help improve productivity for the frontline workforce.

“When we talk about digitization for Frontline workers, it’s usually hard to figure out a way for them to engage with technology, given that they are usually moving around interacting with customers and not sitting at their desk.” – Raúl Castañon.

Watch to learn how voice user interfaces support:

  • Direct communication between frontline workers, teams, and supervisors.
  • Automation with processes like speech-to-speech translation, digital forms, and checklists.
  • Integrations and interactions with backend systems for commands or queries.

Orion PTT 2.0 and Voice AI Workflows: Do More with Voice

Orion is the only PTT 2.0 platform powered by Voice AI designed for the frontline workforce. Our platform uses voice to transform frontline workforce productivity, connecting people to people and people to enterprise systems. Our proprietary Voice AI Workflows are systems of action for the frontline worker with voice-driven process automation and integrations to leading operational systems of record.

Our Voice AI Workflows also connect via our API integrations into back-end systems of record, task management, collaboration, or industry-specific solutions like Transportation Management Software, Hospitality Operations Software, Retail Management Software, and more.

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