Orion & Samsung at NRF 2023

See How Orion Transforms Retail Operations with Voice Automation

With record-setting shopping over the recent Thanksgiving weekend, retailers are seeing positive growth despite the challenging economy. All trends point to a strong close to the year as consumers wrap up their holiday shopping. This means retailers will be going into 2023 optimistic — just in time for NRF 2023!

Each year, the National Retail Federation hosts retail’s biggest show and brings together leading retailers to discover the latest trends and innovative solutions. As consumers continue to signal their desire to return to pre-pandemic habits, NRF 2023 is the perfect time for retailers to evaluate the latest technology to improve the in-store customer experience – and, ultimately, their bottom line. 

This year, we’re pleased to showcase Orion’s innovative Voice AI Platform at the Samsung Booth. Stop by (or keep reading below!) to learn how Orion transforms retail operations with voice-driven workflows.

orion workflows for retail operations

Want to See Orion Voice Workflows in Action?

Stop by the Samsung Booth at NRF.

Orion Retail Voice Workflows

Today’s retail operations need innovative tools and apps to meet the increasing demands on the brick-and-mortar frontline retail workforce. Consumers are savvier than ever and expect the very best service. Stockers, sales associates, cashiers, team leaders, omnichannel fulfillment specialists, and onsite or off-site managers need technology that helps them provide the highest levels of customer service and create a superior customer experience.

Orion’s patented voice workflows are a radical technological advancement that help retailers drive greater efficiencies and improve the retail store experience. Orion offers a suite of off-the-shelf or customizable voice-automated workflows that listen, participate, and automate processes on Orion’s platform. Further, users don’t need dedicated communication devices to receive the full benefits of Orion. The Orion app works out-of-the-box on industry-leading mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy family, including Xcover Pro with built-in PTT button.

Orion provides the deskless retail workforce the solutions they need to feel empowered and engaged to take on and excel at their routine activities. With Orion, retail employees increase in-store inventory sell-through and instantly access deep subject matter expertise to aid customer buying decisions. This empowerment positively impacts the bottom line with the added benefit of the employee satisfaction that our technology provides.

Orion Samsung Retail Workflows

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Three Popular Orion Workflows for Frontline Retail

Orion workflows offer tangible benefits and ROI by simplifying processes, increasing sell-through, improving productivity, reducing inventory shrinkage, and bolstering safety for staff and customers. Voice automation immediately amplifies the abilities of each worker on the retail floor and multiplies their impact.

Here are three popular Orion Workflows that impact the bottom line and will be available to experience live in the Samsung booth at NRF: 

Inventory Query Workflow: Frontline workers connect directly to your inventory management system to quickly answer customer inventory questions. Associates use voice to query the inventory system to access information on item size or color availability, as well as item location, whether the item is in store, in the stock room, available at another store, or available for shipping. 

Price Check Workflow: Store associates quickly verify prices with a simple speech request. Instantly retrieve queried data from back-end systems with the Orion voice workflow returning an audible speech response. Workers stay engaged with the customer and seamlessly support the customer experience with product recommendations, promotional information, and answers to additional questions.

Language Translation Workflow: Retail stores operate with multilingual staff rosters, especially in seasonal periods. Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Language Translation Workflow enables real-time, bidirectional, speech-to-speech language translation in over 60 languages, so workers can communicate and receive information in their native language.

Orion workflows respond to spoken commands or pre-set event triggers to query retail systems, perform tasks, and connect workers to relevant team members. When querying systems, Orion retrieves the requested information and speaks it back to the retail worker’s device or connected earpiece. Information is pulled in real-time from retail management or point of sale systems so workers stay heads up with the customer or engaged on their task at hand. Additional Orion workflows update backend systems in real time, connect workers to SMEs, or support omnichannel operations.

The Orion Workflow Library: Built for the Frontline Retail Workforce

Orion offers voice workflows in three flavors: pre-configured workflows that are downloadable and instantly deployable, workflows that are easily configurable and API-connected to any enterprise system, and fully customized workflows designed and configured to any customer-specific frontline use cases. In addition to the popular workflows featured above, other Orion workflows for retail include:

Register Back Up Workflow and Locked Case Alert Workflow automate basic requests, ensuring a response or escalation to a manager until the request is met — all without disrupting the customer experience with a disruptive PA call. Item Location Workflow and Order Status Workflow query backend systems to instantly access information without leaving the customer’s side. 

Customer Arrival Notification Workflow assists with faster fulfillment times for omnichannel methods like BOPIS, BOPAC, or same-day delivery. Loss Prevention integrates security and loss prevention systems with workflows and voice alerts to active users with designated response protocols. SME Access Workflow bridges the knowledge gap between retail floor workers and customer expectations by instantly connecting workers to the answers they need from SMEs who know the topic best — even if they are offsite at a different location. 

All Call Workflow enables fast dissemination of information to the entire team. Emergency Response Workflow provides the dispersed retail workforce with the ability to instantly escalate a call for help and trigger multi-step workflows, including contacting first responders and instantly alerting managers to an emergency, theft, or incident. Archive Workflow automatically stores all data and information sent over the system so managers can review incidents or workflows for analysis or compliance needs. 

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