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Location Awareness Drives Efficiency for Enterprises and Agencies

In many instances, GPS-based location is enough for basic asset location tracking and employee location mapping. However, all too often, basic GPS location is too imprecise to be useful. Many workers in security, hospitality, retail, and other industries need to share an accurate, precise location (or the location of specialized equipment). For these business-critical situations and more, Orion offers Advanced Location Services.

For example, in an emergency situation involving an injury, teams need to locate injured employees quickly, down to the exact floor they're on and room they’re in. In a hospitality environment, security teams need to respond quickly and accurately on the rare but urgent occasions that staff may be harassed or assaulted by guests.

Advanced Location Services offer the industry’s first high-accuracy, carrier-independent 3D location system. Orion lets you view team member and asset location with precision up to 10 feet (3 meters), even when GPS connectivity is weak.

Indoor Location Services

Indoor positioning systems can locate people and things with great precision. On-shift team members working in hazardous areas can share a precise floor-and-door location either automatically or proactively. This helps managers and dispatchers who dynamically coordinate team activities across buildings with multiple floors.

Asset Location Services

Always know where to find important materials or critical shared equipment like forklifts. Attach a location-enabled tag to any company asset and connect it to Orion to help your teams use, maintain, and secure equipment more easily. View assets in Orion's web-based operations console or on the Orion mobile app. Trigger automated alerts and documentation when important equipment enters or leaves priority locations.

Advanced Location Services for Emergency Response

In an emergency, every second counts — and GPS can be of little utility for a first response team. When people need to be found quickly, such as in the case of injury to or harassment of a lone worker, Orion’s Advanced Location Services can help. Dispatchers leverage 3D location detail to pinpoint floor-level/room-level accuracy in Orion's in-app maps. For example, with Orion, incident response teams can rapidly locate a housekeeper in duress or an injured team member in a warehouse. Or for large, industrial facilities, managers can pinpoint where an unresponsive worker is located before an accident occurs.

Advanced Location Services is an optional add-on to your Orion subscription. Combine Orion’s Advanced Location Services with Voice Bots for even more powerful location-driven automation such as proactive location sharing when staff is working alone or they enter a hazardous area. Contact our team to get more information.

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