Fact Sheet: Orion Onyx Wearable For Frontline Workers

Deliver Operations Automation with Orion’s Award-Winning Push-to-Talk Accessory

Orion’s award-winning, patented Onyx device helps the frontline workforce take advantage of our proprietary Frontline AI however and wherever they operate — on the go, heads up, or engaged with customers or guests.

The frontline device acts as a delivery system for operations automation and enables task workers to do knowledge and information work at the frontline. Frontline workers like retail associates, hospitality staff, healthcare teams, and high-tech manufacturing workers use Orion’s patented wearable device to access Orion’s revolutionary Voice AI Workflows and immediately improve productivity.

The Onyx makes it simple to invoke Orion’s Voice AI Workflows as systems of action to update corporate or operational systems of record. Workers also stay connected with teams and deliver push-to-talk voice messages over cellular and wireless networks in real time.

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The Best Wearable for Frontline Workers

Unlike other frontline wearable devices, the Onyx is a sleek, durable device that meets the needs of customer facing retail employees and guest-facing hospitality workers as much as the needs of behind the scenes healthcare staff and manufacturing warehouse or logistics workers.

The device clips onto a lapel, pocket, belt, or strap. Users can also plug in a headset or earpiece for discreet communication in public environments. As long as workers are within 30 feet of their Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android device, they can communicate over any WiFi or cellular network.

Orion Onyx

Want to see the Orion Onyx in action?

Don’t miss the Orion Onyx on CBS Innovation Nation. Orion Co-Founder Jesse Robbins shares an in-depth look at how Orion’s smart wearable is unlike any other device on the market and transforms how the frontline workforce communicates and operates.

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