Provide an exceptional guest experience with the Orion Voice Platform.

Handling guest needs quickly and conducting daily operations smoothly is essential to guest satisfaction. With Orion, managers and service staff coordinate easily to deliver welcoming guest experiences and successful events. With Orion, your staff can use a variety of devices, integrating with existing systems, to save time, respond rapidly to issues, and provide a high level of service.

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Emergency Alerts

Enable lone workers to easily call for help. Independent workers need reliable ways to get assistance when facing safety and security hazards. Some cities require that employers provide emergency communication options to their staff. Emergency Alerts automate your security processes and get help on the way quickly.

Enhanced Indoor Location

Direct assistance to the exact room where your employee needs it with Orion’s Enhanced Indoor Location services. GPS works well with a clear view of the sky, but indoors it can be off by hundreds of meters. Our services save you valuable time when your team members need it most, be it for sending cleaning staff to a room, or dispatching help in an emergency.

Variety of Devices

Choose the Devices that work best for your team. Slim and stylish Onyx pairs well with staff in customer-facing roles; the rugged Orion Sync and its integrated LTE allows for seamless communication and quick onboarding of new workers; and for more discreet usage, our Kyocera and Sonim ruggedized phones easily fit into a pocket.

How Orion benefits Hospitality organizations

Discreet, fast, professional communication

Locate and page needed team members

Instantly translate guest requests to assure correct service

Notify managers of important issues automatically, while they are being resolved by staff

Automatically notify staff of upcoming scheduled events

Enhance safety protocols for lone workers