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Bridge 20th- and 21st-Century Communication
Bridge 20th- and 21st-Century Communication

Start connecting your deskless workers to the rest of your digital organization.

Connect Radios to Orion Talk Groups
Connect Radios to Orion Talk Groups

Connect your radios to Orion’s voice-first collaboration software.

Transition at Your Pace
Transition at Your Pace

You choose when to move your radio users to Orion.

Update Your Team Communication in Phases

Orion Bridge-as-a-Service enables you to immediately include your land mobile radio (LMR) users in Orion groups.

Orion Bridge-as-a-Service - Security Officer Using Two Way Radio
Group Controls - Deskless Collaboration - Orion Command Center

Get Added Value From Infrastructure Investment

Get the most out of your hardware before upgrading to innovative technology.

Launch Your Radio Bridge In Parallel With Orion Deployment

As you deploy Orion, continue using your radios as you normally would without disrupting communication.

Driver using speaker mic to communicate -Voice-First Collaboration for Transportation

Companies Using Orion’s Voice-First Intelligent Platform

“At a past event, we tested the LTE connected solution from [major radio vendor], and nobody on the team wanted to use it. When we deployed Orion’s enterprise voice and advanced location services at our biggest annual event, we saw a huge difference in adoption. Our teams enthusiastically adopted Orion, and we immediately expanded our use beyond the original scope.”

Workers at a manufacturing plant

The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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