Eliminate Language Barriers
with Orion Push-to-Talk
Language Translation

Instantly Translate Over 60 Languages

Gain seamless, bidirectional, speech-to-speech communication between team members - either 1:1 or to a broadcast group.

Orion’s Push-to-Talk Language Translation provides real-time, two-way, translate out and translate back communication to any location with any network connection using any communication device. Speak in your native language, and Orion instantly translates your message to whatever languages your team members choose. Your team members reply in their languages, and the message is instantly translated back to your language.
PTT 2.0 language translation on cell phone

Boost Collaboration to New Levels

With Orion’s PTT Language Translation, every member of your team can speak to you, and to each other, in the language they feel most comfortable using. This ensures team members understand each other, making collaboration easier for multinational teams and cross-border projects.

Improve Efficiency

When workers learn in their primary language, fewer mistakes are made. You don’t have to stop work to explain procedures again or redo work because instructions were misunderstood. Work is done faster with fewer mistakes.

translation helps in depots and cross-border conversations
HITEC 2021 - Hospitality team collaboration from Orion

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

If a customer has a problem or special request, you need to deliver results quickly. Describing the situation can be difficult if everyone on your team doesn’t speak the same language. When you communicate with everyone in their language, they all understand the situation and can respond quickly and effectively.

Improve Safety 

If an emergency occurs, staff can describe the event clearly and every team member will understand what is happening without delay. Management can provide guidance and the team can collaborate to determine how best to resolve the issue. Everyone can ask questions in their language, ensuring complete understanding of the problem and the steps to resolve it.
emergencies require rapid response - Orion helps
hire the best talent with Orion PTT Language Translation

Increase Hiring Talent Pool

The best candidate for a job may not speak your language. If you are struggling to find people, eliminating great candidates because of language barriers can be a costly decision. With Orion’s PTT, you can communicate across languages, opening the door to all qualified candidates.

Onboard New Team Members Rapidly

You can ensure new employees understand their jobs faster and better by training them in their primary language. Share job instructions and answer questions in their language, so they feel more comfortable and prepared.

Language Translation Orion PTT
Use Orion language translation to enable communication

Reduce Turnover Rates

Keeping good staff members is difficult if you can’t communicate with them. They may feel confused, get frustrated, and leave. Speak to them in their own language and they will feel more comfortable in their jobs.

Maintain Control with Voice AI Bots

Automate processes with intelligent Voice AI Bots and workflows. Always-on Bots respond to voice queries and perform tasks based on commands, events, and actions.

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Incident Response and Reporting

Enable your team to call for help or report incidents from anywhere in the world with just a word. Record and archive all metadata, communication, and geolocation information for analysis and after action reporting.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Offload routine processes triggered by voice commands, events, or actions. Bots can respond to voice queries for information from manuals, guides, or documents. They can provide real-time language translation to improve insight, response, and context.

Integrate with existing apps - Orion

Integrate with Critical Field Technology

Operate critical solutions like ATAK with a simple voice command, remaining heads-up and situationally aware.

“Communication is our biggest challenge in these life-or-death situations, and we’ve pretty much solved that problem with Orion.”
Stephen Bobella
Executive Director, Northern Berks EMS