The Future of Public Transit and Transportation Communications

Transit AMS’s Jim Nihan on Orion for Public Transit and Transportation

Transit organizations are in a continuous struggle to improve efficiency and safety and provide better rider services or experiences. While the transportation industry is often slow to adopt change, its communications technology has truly lagged behind and is now ripe for modernization and transformation.

In this video, Jim Nihan shares insights into why Orion is the perfect fit for today’s public transit and transportation organizations.

Jim runs Transit AMS and has 30 years of experience with public and private transportation, most recently serving as Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s manager of paratransit operations. His expertise lies in the areas of paratransit transportation, fixed-route public transportation, school busing, aviation, and shuttle services.

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Orion PTT 2.0 for Public Transit and Transportation


Orion Voice AI Workflows


Orion Playback and Message Archive


Consolidating In-Vehicle Technology with Orion Floating PTT Button


Orion for Public Transit and Transportation

Leading organizations are rethinking their communication solutions as part of their overall digital transformation strategies. Orion PTT 2.0 with Voice AI Workflows is the future of public transit and transportation operations of any size.

Orion ultimately results in improved communication between driver and dispatcher, which makes for a safer ride and improved customer and driver experience.

Want to learn more about how Orion helps Public Transit and Transportation Operations?

Orion helps Public Transit and Transportation Operations

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