Control Your Orion Organization In a Single View
with Orion Command Center

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Administer Security Settings
Administer Security Settings

Manage user security with IT governance tools.

Set Privacy Levels
Set Privacy Levels

Control location visibility and sharing settings for users and groups.

Control Users and Groups
Control Users and Groups

Add users in bulk or individually and create unlimited groups.

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Access Command Center in the Cloud

Securely access Command Center from anywhere — even from home.

Create and Configure Unlimited Groups

Set up groups and control group privacy settings and speaking settings.

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Dispatchers using Orion Dispatch Console

Add or Remove Users and Control Permissions

Add new users, set their privileges, control location visibility and talk settings, and reset passwords when necessary.

Dispatch Teams Efficiently

Coordinate and centralize operational visibility, management, and decision-making with Orion Dispatch Console.

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“Our facility spans three specialized centers, a dozen health care providers, and even more staffers tending to the need of thousands of patients, seven days a week. To say the least, communication is key. Orion has made it so much easier for our staff to stay in sync so we can provide better care for our patients. Being able to mix and match devices for desk staff and mobile team means everyone is able to stay in touch in a way that works for their role.”

Companies Using Orion Command Center

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Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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