Video Review: How Do Onyx Push-to-Talk Wearables Work with IFTTT?

Automate Your Life - Review Video for Onyx - Volume 3 - IFTTT

Adding automations and custom voice commands to Onyx makes it easy to be more productive. In this Automate Your Life video, reviewer Brian Read presents an in-depth demonstration of how to connect Orion to the IFTTT service to create voice alerts and workflows.

Control Smart Devices and Create Automations

Unlike voice assistants that require setting up a speaker in a fixed location, you don’t need to be physically present at home or your office to take advantage of Orion’s automation capabilities.

Control your smart devices like lights, switches, and appliances from the road, the field, or anywhere. Set your own trigger words and phrases to control smart devices in your home or office. You can also get spoken alerts for important information via your Onyx.

Set Up IFTTT with Onyx

Brian walks through how to set up IFTTT with Onyx and even shows how to set up advanced workflows that string together multiple actions at once.

Watch the video:

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  • 0:30 How to set up Orion with IFTTT
  • 2:50 Advanced workflows using Stringify, IFTTT, and Orion
  • 3:45 Setting up voice alerts for desired items on eBay

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Learn more about Onyx

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To start using Orion applets right away, read more on our blog or visit Orion’s page on the IFTTT site.

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