Unboxing Onyx: A Video Review from Brian Read of Automate Your Life

Automate Your Life - Unboxing - Volume 1

Orion’s Onyx, the smart push-to-talk wearable for teams, helps you and your team stay in touch while focusing on the work at hand. Its robust functionality allows your global team to stay connected anytime and anywhere.

Curious how Onyx works and want to hear from someone who tried it for real?

Unboxing Onyx with Automate Your Life

In this short unboxing video, Brian Read from Automate Your Life, a business and home automation blog, shows everything that comes with a pair of Onyx devices. He also shares demos of Echo Chamber and Translation Preview, as well as how to talk to other people with Onyx. This video is the first in a series of five; stay tuned for more examples of how Onyx works and its applications in business and the home.

Discover Echo Chamber

You’ll see Brian try out Echo Chamber, a built-in feature of the Orion app, to hear his messages echoed back to him. Echo Chamber is a great way to test your Onyx when you’re by yourself.

To test it out, go to the Echo Chamber group, push and hold the Onyx button, and talk into your device. Make sure to press the button the entire time you’re talking. Listen for your message to echo back; if Onyx repeats your voice message when you release the button, it’s connected and you’re good to go!

Incorporate Instant Translation

Another built-in feature, Orion Translator, shows the power of Orion bots and automations by instantly translating your spoken English into one of 60 supported languages. In the video, you’ll see Brian use Orion Translator to translate a sentence into Spanish.

Orion offers additional languages according to each business or organization’s need. For example, a group of 60 people could communicate on Orion at the same time, with each participant speaking a different language and everyone understanding one another.

Creating Groups

As Brian demonstrates, when you set up your Onyx, you’ll be able to try out Orion push-to-talk capabilities even before you set up your first group. Creating groups using the Orion app is easy — simply name your group and invite contacts. If you plan on managing several large groups, consider subscribing to Orion Pro for advanced group and user management.

Push-to-Talk Communication

Last but not least, you’ll see how push-to-talk communication with Onyx works. The front of the device is one big button, making it easy to press and hold to talk. In the video, Brian demonstrates the push-to-talk functionality by holding Onyx in his hand. You can also clip it to your shirt, bag strap, or lapel, or even hang it on a necklace. We advise wearing Onyx on the upper part of your body, so you can hear messages easily.

Get Started with Onyx

In the video, you’ll notice that setting up your phone to work with Onyx is easy, and you can get started quickly by downloading the Orion app and turning on your Onyx. You can also find detailed steps in this support article.
Don’t have an Onyx yet and want one (or two)? Learn more about Onyx smart walkie-talkies and order your own (don’t forget to choose a Basic or Pro subscription to go with them).

Watch the unboxing video now:

You can advance the video to these times to skip to specific topics:

  • 0:45 Unboxing and showing Onyx devices
  • 3:15 Setting up the app
  • 4:50 Echo Chamber
  • 5:45 Translation preview
  • 6:12 Creating a group and inviting contacts
  • 9:00 Push to talk with another person

Our thanks to Brian Read from Automate Your Life for his multi-part series of videos explaining Onyx from a new user perspective. Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews of how to use Onyx for voice communication and add automations.

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