Orion’s Commitment to End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

Orion Ensures Your Frontline Communications Are Always Secure

The business-critical imperatives for end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and information security grow more important year over year. Concerns for the protection of organizational and employee information continue to heighten, and a growing number of new legislative mandates govern how companies should handle data.

Long-term operational plans must focus on the security of operational data and the resiliency of its technology. However, this requires unique considerations for organizations with a distributed, deskless workforce.

E2EE and Encrypted Push-to-Talk (PTT) for Frontline Communications

Enterprises with frontline operations manage much of their transactional and data-driven activities at their deskless workforce’s point-of-work. This means that important revenue and profit-driving work happens outside of corporate buildings or offices with computers relying on traditional IT methods to keep data secure. Instead, operations are dispersed with deskless workers in the field, on the warehouse or distribution center floor, driving vehicles, or in retail stores serving customers.

We support enterprises as they digitally transform their deskless workforce with our intelligent, voice-first collaboration platform. The data generated by deskless work often includes sensitive or proprietary information like customer information or transactions, Personal Identifiable Information (PII), or real-time location of assets. This calls for the same emphasis on data security expected for back-office functions handling sensitive information.

The Orion Platform meets this need and is the only intelligent collaboration solution designed with the highest level of protection and E2EE. Every message, all the time, from anywhere.

Why E2EE Matters to Your Organization

Our customers choose The Orion Collaboration Platform to boost organizational productivity and collaboration within teams, a division, or enterprise-wide. Sometimes, security, encryption, and technology requirements are siloed into different parts of an organization. This means frontline tools like radios or simple PTT apps often remain outside the purview of IT security, privacy, and data teams, increasing potential exposure.

Encrypted enterprise communication is a business-critical, table-stakes, organizational priority. CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs spend their days dedicated to building, protecting, and safeguarding their organization’s data. Orion combines the functional goals of our customers to increase productivity with the needs of their organization’s information and technology security requirements and corporate governance demands.

5 Ways Orion Ensures Your Frontline Communications Are Always Secure

Orion is your organization’s deskless workforce communications operational system of record. As such, we know our platform must deliver the same degree of data security as any other transactional or accounting system of record that houses proprietary or confidential information.

Here are five ways Orion offers the highest level of security for your business:

#1 – We Architected Security and Encryption Into the Foundation of Our Technology

The Orion Platform is a new category of collaboration. We purposefully made encryption a core pillar of our software, governing how all transmissions and content sent over Orion are kept secure, as well as how our company and employees interact with Orion customers’ data.

Orion provides confidentiality, integrity, and transport security of all communications across our platform. Every message, from voice, text, photo, or file, is encrypted at the point of origin and can only be decrypted by users authorized to receive the messages. Messages are encrypted in transit and only decrypted by authorized edge devices using an ephemeral key (“use once”) with levels that range from advanced consumer-level encryption to full FIPS 140-2.

This means that neither Orion nor any other 3rd party can access the content of messages sent over our platform.

Other push-to-talk (PTT) providers don’t place this level of importance on encryption, but we believe it is critical to your business. We committed to building the highest level of security and encryption into the foundation of the platform on Day One — whereas other platforms have attempted to bolt on limited security approaches after the fact. Similarly, radios are increasingly problematic for the teams that rely on them for secure communications.

Existing analog radio systems and messaging apps used by many organizations are unable to prevent 3rd party intercepts and provide no message security or integrity. This means anyone can listen, or worse, impersonate your staff. Workarounds for these threats often require wholesale reconfiguration of all systems and are cumbersome and expensive.

Radios and limited-PTT apps inherently cannot offer the advanced level of security and encryption that today’s organizations require.

#2 – We Encrypt Everything, Including Voice and Multimedia Data

Deskless workers require multiple modes of secure collaboration that support how work gets done on the frontline at a given moment. They need the ability to communicate and collaborate via voice, text, file, video, or picture, with all of these options available to them at all times, on one device, in one app, and in one user experience.

We will continue to support the multimodal experience required for frontline work, ensuring each message sent maintains our E2EE messaging standards.

Each voice, text, file, video, or image interaction also contains important metadata such as user, team, time, location, and who heard it. The Orion Platform repurposes the full message transaction and metadata to enable a true strategic advantage — operational control, process automation, situational awareness, intelligence amplification, and analytics.

Our customers are assured that this wealth of strategic information is always secure and encrypted along with each message sent or received.

#3 – We Encrypt Group Communications in Dynamic and Static Scenarios

Orion allows users to create and configure unlimited groups. Whether the groups are part of a team’s structure, made on the fly, or required in urgent or dynamic situations, Orion’s secure group encryption protocol protects messages in transit and at rest, assuring the same security for every group.

Devices using The Orion Platform for communications each get an individual encryption key under a Per Message Encryption Scheme. This Ephemeral Key Cryptography ensures future privacy even after the message is sent.

This combination of Orion’s Per Message Encryption Scheme and the Ephemeral Key Cryptography creates the most secure platform for what becomes the enterprise voice operations system of record.

#4 – We Have Zero Access to Your Data

Often, collaboration and communication platforms design their platform to monitor or see their users’ information traffic. This makes customer data vulnerable to hacks.

All messages sent across our platform are encyrpted in transit and at rest.

We take E2EE further with end-point-to-end-point encryption, which means your data is always and only your data. Our customers can be assured that their data is fully secured at their point of use without an external or third-party vulnerability.

#5 – We Future-Proof Orion’s Encryption So You Don’t Have to Worry

We maintain the highest industry standards of E2EE. Our encryption levels are based on open-source standards regularly and routinely reviewed and maintained by cybersecurity experts. These experts set industry-wide encryption protocols that meet the most stringent security standards and safeguard against new threats.

We actively monitor and participate in the industry-wide progression of E2EE protocols. We keep evolving our standards, so our customers don’t have to.

Orion Is Committed to Providing Our Customers With the Most Secure Collaboration Platform, Now and In the Future

There are many essential features and functionality to consider when searching for frontline collaboration platforms. However, if your organization is exploring a solution without E2EE, you need to reconsider.

We’ve architected our platform with the best practices for E2EE, so our customers never have to worry. Learn more about Orion’s secure collaboration platform for deskless workers.

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