E-book: The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to Creating Your Digital Deskless Workforce With a Voice-First Intelligent Collaboration Platform

80% of the global workforce performs deskless work. Yet, all too often deskless workers are left behind during discussions and planning of the digital enterprise and instead have to rely on radio technology from the 1940s or push-to-talk (PTT) apps with no path for innovation.

Orion is the voice-first intelligent collaboration platform to change this.

The Future of Voice at Work - Connecting the Deskless Workforce | Orion Labs

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When Orion created the voice-first intelligent collaboration platform, we knew we were solving problems much bigger than simple PTT apps and radios’ poor coverage and audio quality, unwieldy form factor, and unreasonable costs for limited value. We knew we were empowering a much-too-often overlooked yet crucial part of our workforce: the deskless worker.

Companies are on a path to innovation, and leading organizations are discovering that in order for digital transformation to drive real productivity and value, they must connect their deskless workers to the rest of the digital enterprise.

In The Future of Voice at Work, we define the concepts of digital transformation and the connected worker and what those concepts mean for the deskless workforce. You’ll read about the amount of value your organization stands to achieve with digital transformation and how leading companies are digitally connecting deskless workers to the rest of their organization following the stages of Modernization and Innovation in the Orion Innovation Model.

Discover the Orion Innovation Model

In the e-book, you’ll see how Orion’s platform takes your deskless workforce, and ultimately your organization, through the stages of Modernization and Innovation following the Orion Innovation Model. This model was created by Orion’s technology leaders and is used by industry-leading companies.

Following the Orion Innovation Model, The Future of Voice at Work is broken out into two distinct sections:

Section 1: Modernizing Communications

In this section, we follow the above first two steps in the Orion Innovation Model and explain how collaboration software modernizes and enhances the functions your deskless workforce performs today.

You’ll learn why fast, reliable, and secure multimodal communication should be table stakes for your organization’s modern deskless workforce. You’ll also discover how to coordinate and centralize operational visibility, management, and decision making with operational control.

Section 2: Innovating Operations

In this section, we cover the upper three layers of the above Orion Innovation Model and show how a collaboration platform creates a path for true innovation and digitalization for your deskless workforce and your organization — well beyond anything radios and PTT apps could ever imagine possible.

You’ll learn about how leading organizations are using process automation, intelligence amplification, and analytics to drive profit for their businesses and make them more efficient and productive.

This all ultimately culminates in improved employee productivity, customer engagement, and safety and compliance.

Download The Future of Voice at Work to learn:

  • How Orion’s platform creates a connected workforce
  • How radios are last-century technology and holding your organization back
  • How a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform enables digital transformation for your deskless workers
  • And so much more

By the end of this e-book, you should have a clear and complete understanding of how you can empower your deskless workforce and enable digital transformation for your entire organization by using a powerful, intelligent collaboration platform.

It’s time to discover the future of voice at work. Get the free e-book today!

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