3 Reasons Orion’s Multimodal Frontline Collaboration Platform is Critical for Operating a Digital Organization With a Connected Deskless Workforce

Deskless workers are tasked with executing their jobs at the point of work — whether that’s serving customers, protecting company executives and property, driving vehicles, using heavy machinery, loading stock in a warehouse, or operating in the field.

But on average, deskless workers must switch between 4.5 different communications devices or methods to complete their tasks. Deskless workers would be more productive and safer if they had a single solution that provides a multimodal user experience.

Multimodal Collaboration for the Deskless Workforce - Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

Orion leads the way in delivering one interface, over a high-performance cloud-native architecture, to enable comprehensive best practices for deskless work. With this offering, Orion’s platform supports the digitalization journey for organizations by enabling their deskless workforce to communicate with a multimodal experience on the go — creating a truly connected workforce.

Here are three ways Orion’s multimodal frontline collaboration platform helps digital organizations support a connected deskless workforce:

1. Orion Offers the Multimodal User Experience Required for Best Practices in Frontline Work

Maintenance worker repairing commercial aircraft engine - Multimodal collaboration from Orion Labs

Deskless workers require multiple modes of collaboration that support how work gets done on the frontline at a given moment. They need the option to communicate and collaborate via voice, text, files, video, or picture, with all of these options available to them at all times, on one device, in one app, and in one user experience.

Orion’s intelligent collaboration platform offers deskless workers and their organizations the best practices in multimodal collaboration with optimized high-quality communication methods. This includes the highest audio quality available on the market as well as extremely low latency push-to-talk (PTT) that works over low bandwidth connections.

Multimodal communication is critical for deskless workers operating in dynamic environments. Here are a few examples of where multimodal functionality is required:

  • A maintenance worker needs the ability to send photos of a part they need so centralized support can locate the correct item and deliver it to their location.
  • A manager wants to securely share information via text to their team without requiring them to remember on the fly or write something down when they may be in the middle of a workstream.
  • A construction worker with a ruggedized device uses voice to ask a question of his manager who is working remotely on a computer with the web dispatch console.
  • A security guard needs to share a photo or video of a person or object that poses a potential security risk with their team members so they can be on high alert.
  • A cleaning crew completed a task in a particular room or a warehouse worker finished restocking inventory and wants to provide photo evidence that it is complete.

2. Orion’s Multimodal Collaboration Platform Means Deskless Workers Only Need One Device.

Orion supports the best practice of providing access to multimodal collaboration within one application on one device.

Deskless workers often need to use multiple devices to achieve their collaboration requirements. They should not need to switch between one device for voice communications and their phone to send text or pictures. Orion’s users can choose from a breadth of supported device types to suit every possible deskless workforce and worker job, including browsers, tablets, push-to-talk (PTT) ruggedized phones, and mobile phones.

Orion’s innovative approach supports the broadest range of iOS and Android smart devices and the ability to interoperate with LMR radios and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

3. Orion is Always On. Always Secure. Always Available on Any Network.

Other PTT apps can do multimedia, but carrier networks that offer PTT apps often lock users into their own networks, restricting the availability of multimedia to one device and one location. This doesn’t account for the manager who may need to check in on a personal or alternate device when working from home or offsite. Orion, however, supports the highest levels of quality on any network.

Orion customers can use any network for their communications, including LTE (5G-ready), private LTE (CBRS), Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh. Users have the always-on ability to communicate with any size team via unlimited groups, 1:1 communication, or mass communication over any distance, including on-site, on the road, across town, or around the globe.

Regardless of network or delivery system, each multimedia message is fully encrypted with enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption (E2EE), supporting the highest standards of data security. Orion’s multimodal collaboration platform delivers the highest security and encryption standards that today’s digital enterprises need.

Why Deskless Workers Need Orion

Voice-first, multimodal collaboration is critical for ensuring the deskless workforce can do their jobs well and without roadblocks. Multimodal collaboration is also the first step in building a connected workforce, and ultimately delivering digital transformation across the enterprise.

Orion is the leading voice-first intelligent platform that supports enterprises on this digital transformation journey. The Orion frontline multimodal collaboration platform empowers deskless workers by enabling real-time team collaboration, process automation, location mapping, and access to enterprise systems to improve workforce productivity, safety and compliance, and customer engagement.

Learn more about Orion here.

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