Orion Voice Platform

The Orion Voice Platform is an enterprise voice services solution that makes teams more efficient and productive. Orion provides real-time communication and voice-activated business automation via smartphones and other devices your team is already using, over unlimited distances, on any carrier or Wi-Fi network. Teams of any size can use the Orion platform with an Orion subscription. With Orion, use your voice to unlock superpowers like:
  • Language translation
  • Indoor positioning services
  • Automated emergency alerts
  • Automated standard operating procedures and compliance processes
  • Business software integrations
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Unlock Superpowers with AI Workflows

AI Workflows offer powerful, reliable voice-driven automations for teams.

Voice-Activated Business Automation

Orion AI Workflows are software integrations and automations that help your team do more with voice. AI Workflows are easy to use — simply speak, and Orion gets it done. Teams use AI Workflows to improve activity reporting and protect team members who work alone.

Geofencing Voice Alerts
Geofencing Voice Alerts

Alert workers of critical safety information when they enter a hazardous work site. Notify management when workers or vehicles enter specific work sites.

Emergency Alerts
Emergency Alerts

Enable your team to call for help, no matter where they are. When an emergency phrase is spoken, Orion alerts safety teams with important location data.

Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures

Mitigate risk while saving staff time. Using their voice, workers initiate and complete safety checklists, which are automatically distributed.

“The need to provide a safe environment will make the use of voice and contactless interfaces more compelling, driving workplace adoption of voice user interfaces, intelligent assistants and biometric authentication. Vendors such as Orion Labs are using voice user interfaces and real-time communications to enable the digital experience for the frontline workforce.”

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