Article: 6 Reasons Radios Are Unable to Support Today’s Physical Security Teams

Orion recently cited in a Security Magazine article on why radios are ill-equipped to provide physical security teams with the situational intelligence they need in a high-tech world

Decision-makers too often overlook the strategic value in replacing outdated radios that severely limit real-time collaboration and emergency preparedness. Designed a century ago, radios are limited to two-way communication and have failed to evolve to meet today’s multimodal, intelligent standards, and best practices.

Security teams need more than just the voice-only communication of radios. They need technology that is as advanced as the threats they face. They need a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform that empowers them to do their jobs better.

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Digital Transformation for the Security Industry

In a recent Security Magazine article, Orion Labs CEO Greg Taylor said:

Innovation and digital transformation should be priorities for enterprise-wide security operations in the face of today’s threat environment. Today’s bad-actors have access to contemporary technology, necessitating security teams to be on-par and adopt faster, smarter technology that amplifies their ability to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Radios No Longer Offer Security Teams a Competitive Advantage

Today’s collaboration technology supports security teams better than radios. Taylor notes:

Unlike radios, smart tools offer endless opportunities to improve security. Managers need to know where their guards are and how long they’ve been there, and team members need intelligence and support that enhances their productivity. For instance, pattern analysis can identify when guards linger too long in one place, if two team members’ coverage areas overlap, or if there is a coverage gap.

Today’s security teams need process automation to chart and improve surveillance paths and ensure complete and randomized surveillance. This technology increases the effectiveness of a security team and their strategic pattern analysis.

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Situational Intelligence for Security Professionals

Security Teams Need More Than Just Radios - Security guard working outsideIn the article, Taylor covers six reasons that demonstrate compelling evidence that radios are ill-equipped to provide today’s security teams with the situational intelligence they need in a high-tech world focused on digital transformation:

  1. Dynamic Field Communications
  2. Unified Response
  3. Dynamic and Urgent Situation Reaction
  4. Advanced Location Services
  5. Automation of Repetitive and Routine Tasks
  6. Analytics Improve Perilous Situation Prevention

The Orion Solution

True collaboration solutions provide multimodal collaboration, operational command and control, process and workflow automation, intelligence amplification for team members, and analytics to inform best practices. With all this, collaboration technology can transform security teams with better productivity, safety, and engagement.

Learn about the six reasons radios are holding today’s physical security teams back. Read the Security Magazine article today!

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