Article: Physical Security Teams Need Digital Transformation

Facilities Management Journal features Orion on why today’s physical security teams need an intelligent collaboration platform

Digital transformation is a must for businesses to survive and thrive these days. So why do so many facilities management and security operations still use outdated technology like legacy radios or mishmash, inefficient systems made up of multiple devices like radios, phone calls, emails, and consumer mobile applications like WhatsApp?

Orion’s Desmond Thorsson explores this topic in a recent Facilities Management Journal article. As Thorsson explains,

“Constant innovation is necessary to improve productivity and increase the safety of people and assets. With digital transformation, FMs create effective, productive and safer physical security teams.”

Orion offers a collaboration platform that helps facilities management and security operations teams modernize communications and tap into the potential of digital transformation in one solution.

“Security teams that embrace the benefits of collaboration can truly achieve innovation and have confidence in providing best-in-class security operations.”

Physical Security teams and Digital Transformation - Orion Collaboration

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6 Benefits of an Intelligent Collaboration Platform for Security Teams

Orion drives transformation by replacing outdated radios or mismatched solutions with a SaaS platform that is accessed by an app on mobile devices and a secure web-based console for large screens. Physical security teams gain the ability to communicate with high-quality audio, text, and visual media — all on one smart device. However, today’s collaboration solution offers so much more than multimodal communication.

In the FMJ article, Thorsson outlines the six benefits security operations gain by embracing a modern and intelligent collaboration platform:

  1. Operational control
  2. Improved situational intelligence with location-driven insights and analytics
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Emergency preparedness
  5. Reduced training time for new or contract workers
  6. Data security and encryption

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The Orion Collaboration Platform for Security Operations

Ditching radios and haphazard communications solutions are critical to modernizing communications and driving transformational change organization-wide. Intelligent collaboration platforms go beyond solving today’s communications challenges. The Orion Collaboration Platform for Security provides all the information workers need to perform their duties at their point of work and radically improves operational oversight.

As Thorsson explains, “Security teams [that embrace intelligent collaboration solutions] open the door to a holistic approach to operations and a real-time security operations system of record.”

Orion supports the digital journey for security organizations with multimodal collaboration, operational control, process automation, intelligence amplification, and analytics.

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