Webinar: 5 Reasons Radios Hold Security Teams Back & The Modern Alternative

Discover How Orion Digitally Transforms Physical Security Teams

Security Magazine recently hosted a webinar featuring guest speakers Orion CEO Greg Taylor and Co-Founder and CTO Greg Albrecht on how physical security operations enterprises can harness modern technology and gain the benefits of digitalization.

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Webinar - 5 Reasons Radios Hold Security Teams Back - Orion

The security landscape is complex and ever-changing. Physical security teams are often distributed, cover a wide range of functions, and are limited in their abilities to engage with their organization’s security operations center (SOC).

Leading physical security teams know they must approach these operational challenges with a modern collaboration platform that creates a real-time system of record. However, too many of today’s security teams still rely on outdated radios or multiple devices to communicate.

Security Organizations Need to Harness Modern Technology

Today’s security teams know they need a unified, secure platform for real-time communication that offers process automation with voice-activated checklists, SOPs, compliance forms, and checkpoints. Managers and team leaders need visibility and control to create effective, productive, and safe teams. And security enterprises need rich analytics that measure and optimize their entire security operations for continuous improvement.

Then why do so many security teams still rely on outdated technology and processes?

The SecOps Digital Journey

Legacy communications tools used to be fully analog and reliant on radios that created siloed, disconnected organizations. As security teams realize this system no longer meets their needs, they often tend to naturally migrate toward multi-device strategies. Multi-device operations generally consist of an unsanctioned or unplanned mix of radios, smartphones, desktops, PTT apps, and apps like WhatsApp — all brought together to supplement and fill in the communications gaps caused by an analog radio program.

Orion helps security organizations that are ready to modernize and move on from the disconnected, multi-device communications systems that are often not secure and non-compliant with organizational IT requirements and protocols. Organizations immediately benefit by augmenting their communications and implementing the Orion platform. Orion then starts the process of building true team collaboration with security process automation and improved audio quality.

After taking this initial step to augment communication, our customers begin to realize the innovative benefits of our platform and a fully digital organization. Ultimately, Orion becomes the operations system of record. Security teams are integrated into operations and have access to the information they need to perform their duties at their point of work. The digital transformation journey has truly begun.

Radio Alternatives & Modernization - The SecOps Digital Journey - Orion
To understand the SecOps Digital Journey in detail, view the webinar and advance to 8:50

Orion bridges each of these steps, enabling security organizations to move away from legacy systems, modernize operations, and then truly innovate with digital transformation.

Watch the webinar to learn how your security operations can benefit from starting a digital journey with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform.

Watch the Security Magazine Webinar

The Orion Collaboration Platform for Security

After the first steps to modernize communications, security enterprises unlock innovation with Orion’s complete approach to security operations and creating a real-time voice operations system of record.

Modernizing Communications with Multi-Modal Collaboration: Communicate securely with voice, text, and visual media across any device, interoperate with LMR and VoIP bridges

Modernizing Communications with Operational Control: Coordinate and centralize operational visibility, management, and decision-making to enhance productivity

Innovating Operations with Process Automation: Automate simple or complex processes and workflows to enable security teams to focus on higher-value duties

Innovating Operations with Intelligence Amplification: Amplify situational intelligence by providing real-time context and access to systems, data, and SMEs to dramatically improve productivity

Innovating Operations with Analytics: Optimize and gain insights into the day-to-day operations across security teams to maximize overall performance

Watch the webinar to learn how the Orion Collaboration Platform for Security can transform security operations.

Watch the Security Magazine Webinar

What’s Covered in “5 Reasons Radios Hold Security Teams Back & The Modern Alternative

Throughout this 45-minute Security Magazine webinar, “5 Reasons Radios Hold Security Teams & The Modern Alternative,” Orion Labs CEO Greg Taylor and Co-Founder and CTO Greg Albrecht will share why radios and multiple devices just don’t cut it for today’s physical security teams — and how to harness modern collaboration technology built for leading security enterprises.

Watch it instantly any time (even at 2x speed).

In this Security Magazine webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Provide situational intelligence and emergency preparedness for security teams
  • Discover the advantages of a voice-first, intelligent collaboration platform
  • Increase productivity through automation
  • Improve people and property protection with advanced location services
  • Review how other security teams have succeeded with an intelligent collaboration platform

Watch the Security Magazine Webinar

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