Orion at NSAICE: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in National Security

Orion Co-Founder and CTO on the Use of AI and ML for Situational Intelligence in Field Communications

Orion’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Greg Albrecht recently spoke at the National Defense Industry Association’s (NDIA’s) National Security AI Conference and Exhibition (NSCAICE) to national security and defense professionals on how voice-first advanced technology with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can support their missions.

Defense field team communication - Soldiers using laptop in desert operation

Watch the 7-Minute Presentation from NSAICE

AI is reshaping the technology landscape. According to NDIA, AI is critical to increasing the competitive advantage of the United States and its allies. Recently, the White House further emphasized the importance of advancements in AI by launching the new National Artificial Intelligence Initiative to “oversee and implement the United States national AI strategy.”

As NDIA notes, global powers are racing to pursue and develop AI capabilities. However, the U.S. has access to the most advanced technologies and the most innovative companies worldwide. Today, innovations in artificial intelligence offer frontline national security teams the strategic ability to make more informed and strategic decisions.

This is where AI technology like Orion comes in. The national security and defense workforce is composed of hundreds of thousands of individuals — many of whom operate away from a desk, on the frontlines, or in the field. NDIA asked Orion to speak at NSAICE on how Orion uses AI to support these frontline teams in intelligence, national security, force protection, and global security.

Watch the video presentation to learn how Orion’s intelligent collaboration platform offers national security agencies the ability to transform their operations to meet the rapidly progressing needs of today’s global security environment.

Learn How Orion Digitally Transforms National Security Operations

In the seven-minute presentation, “Intelligence Amplification for Field Communications,” Orion’s Albrecht shares insights and discusses:

  • Use cases for Orion in physical security, national security, defense, intelligence, and homeland security agencies
  • How Orion’s workflows heighten response to emergencies
  • Orion’s automation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • How security teams benefit from Orion’s real-time situational awareness
  • The added value Orion provides across security operations

Watch the Presentation from NSAICE

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