Orion Study: 77% of Security Teams Need to Upgrade Their Communication Solutions

Orion Study Finds Over Three-Quarters of Security Organizations Need Modern Collaboration Tools and Automation

SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2021 — Orion Labs, Inc., the leading voice-first intelligent collaboration platform that empowers deskless workers, today released a study citing that 77% of frontline security teams believe they need to upgrade their communication solutions and 90% of teams believe automation would increase their productivity.

Security teams say they need to upgrade their communication - Security officer with outdated radioOrion conducted the survey with over 190 security professionals from a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, government, energy, and property management. Of those professionals, 42% use radios, 27% use cell phones, 28% use multiple devices, and 3% use social apps and other means as their main communication tools for their security teams.

“Orion’s survey results coincide with the problems we see in the market and the solution the Orion Security Collaboration Platform provides,” said Michael Schwartz, Orion Chief Marketing Officer. “Orion created its voice-first intelligent collaboration platform to address the problems security teams face today and well into the future with advanced offerings like location services, security process automation, and situational intelligence amplification.”

Of the 77% of security professionals that indicated they need to upgrade their communication solutions, 68% believe they need to upgrade their solutions in the next three years or less.

“It’s no secret security teams have needed a better communication solution,” said Ellen Juhlin, Orion Head of Product. “Orion provides security teams with unified, secure collaboration on one platform. Orion’s end-to-end encrypted collaboration solution is multimodal, so teams can communicate with voice, text, photos, videos, and files on any device.”

Of the survey respondents, almost all (90%) indicated that automation would increase their productivity.

“We use Orion’s advanced bot technology and workflow engine to provide automation for both routine and dynamic processes to improve security team productivity and incident response,” said Greg Albrecht, Orion Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “With the Orion Security Collaboration Platform, security professionals can automate processes and trigger workflows, such as proactively calling for help in emergencies, automating safety check-ins, monitoring for incapacitation, and setting up geofence location breach alerts.”

These findings and more were detailed in a recent Security Magazine webinar hosted by Orion, titled “5 Reasons Radios Hold Security Teams Back and the Modern Alternative.

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