PTT 2.0: Voice Bot Automation as Part of a Unified Communications Strategy

Why Today’s Frontline Workforce Needs Voice Bots

Digital transformation for the frontline workforce is impossible without Unified Communications (UC) connecting deskless workers to teams, organizations, and corporate systems. For most organizations with knowledge workers, Unified Communications is ubiquitous. Systems like Slack, Salesforce, and Zoom are easily accessible on phones, laptops, or desk computers.

Unlike knowledge workers, the frontline workforce operates dispersed, away from centralized work points. For too long, organizations have neglected and underinvested in the necessary technological infrastructure to support the UC experience that frontline employees need as they operate on the go and at the edge.

Voice Bots and Integrations - Push-to-Talk 2.0 - Orion

The reality is that the nature of frontline work has rapidly changed. The global economy now requires the frontline workforce to take on more work and create more value — even as the number of workers shrinks or stays the same. The only way to do this? Fully digital operations.

The frontline workforce must connect with their teams, managers, operations centers, and even regional or headquarter offices. In addition, each frontline worker must have the ability to connect with the applications and information they need to perform their role. These workers need solutions that support dynamic operations across various functions. They need solutions that support how the frontline workforce operates today and into the future.

The Priority to Innovate Frontline Operations

For a long time, technical barriers have hindered a single solution that meets the full breadth of Unified Communications requirements for the frontline workforce. And now, organizations can no longer afford to overlook the advantages of innovation in their frontline workforce technology. If they do, they risk leaving productivity gains and cost reductions on the table.

Frontline technology must deliver complete connectivity both to people and systems no matter where they operate. This is the first step to incorporate frontline workers into a fully realized Unified Communications and digital transformation initiative.

PTT 2.0: Driving Change with Voice-First, Real-Time Collaboration

Voice Bots and Frontline Workers - OrionFrontline workers operate mostly heads-up, on-the-go, face-to-face with guests and customers, or in task mode. Voice-first, real-time technology supports frontline workers at their point of work — whether a driver is completing an assigned route, a housekeeping team is cleaning a room, a sales clerk is assisting a customer, or an executive protection team is moving from one location to another.

Organizations with a frontline workforce spanning industries like retail, hospitality, transportation, security, and more cannot afford to neglect frontline communications technology if they want to continue to compete in today’s market. A real-time voice-first solution solves real problems facing frontline operations and is the digital bridge to doing more with less.

That is why Orion architected Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0.

Frontline teams use PTT 2.0 to digitally transform operations with voice, media, location, and data in real time. Workers accomplish more when technology takes over routine processes, provides access to critical information and knowledge, and increases situational awareness.

One of the biggest differentiators between PTT 2.0 and everything that came before it is Orion’s patented Voice Bots.

What are Voice Bots?

Quite simply, Voice Bots help frontline operations do more with less.

The always-on, always-ready Voice Bots perform complex, multi-step workflows that offload routine processes, respond to voice queries, and perform tasks based on commands, events, and actions. Voice commands amplify each worker’s ability, activate third-party integrations, and access value-added services like real-time language translation and transcription.

Orion Voice Bots are the critical component of transforming PTT talk groups into an innovative solution that radically modernizes operations and adds the transformative benefits of Unified Communications to frontline operations.

Here are a few of Orion’s most commonly used Voice Bots to increase productivity, safety, and customer satisfaction for the frontline workforce:

Voice Automation Bots take on routine work to make frontline teams more productive and safe.

Voice Bots - Checklists and SOPs - Orion

SOPs and Checklists

Voice Bots address routine and procedural tasks that employees complete daily, like standard operating procedures (SOPs), voice-activated checklists, and compliance forms. Bots join communication groups and interact and process information in real time to support tasks like equipment inspections, radio checks, and status updates. Checklists are instantly accessible, completed on time, in the correct order. All processes and checklists are seamlessly digitized and archived for compliance.

Voice Bots - Geofence or Location-Based Triggers - Orion

Geofence or Location-Based Triggers

Voice Bots use voice, location, and context to trigger location-based workflows that support dynamic work environments or safety protocols. In some cases, an event like a customer entering a particular store area notifies the closest personnel to assist. In safety-based situations, organizations set limited-access areas that are geofenced to notify managers or teams when personnel enter or leave a secure location. Geofence monitoring is also beneficial in the event of worker incapacitation and worker-down protocols.

Emergency Response Bots help frontline teams react faster and more accurately in critical situations.

Voice Bots - Emergency Alerts - Orion

Emergency Alerts

Rapid response and real-time information in urgent situations are mission-critical for industries where on-the-job safety is vital. Emergency Alert Voice Bots help workers in dynamic situations by providing instant and accurate intelligence with always-on, automated panic alarms, man-down alerts, and lone worker safety protocols. Alerts are triggered automatically or manually by commands, events, or actions.

For instance, Voice-commands like “Code Blue” or “Help-Help-Help” start an escalation that sends an email or SMS, an audio recording, and geolocation information to predetermined team members. These commands are tailored to kick off rapid and targeted responses for any emergency that arises. Safety workflows are always-on, ready to alert supervisors and team members to a worker’s exact location, deploy immediate assistance, and record and archive all activity for subsequent review.

Voice Bots - All Call - Orion

All Call

Certain emergencies require immediate cooperation or awareness from an entire on-duty workforce. Whether an intruder or building-wide emergency, frontline workers need information, situational intelligence, and instructions fast. All Call Bots ensure everyone has access to actionable information in real time and via playback. Managers, off-site teams, and corporate personnel can provide support and assistance no matter their location.

Intelligence Amplification Bots add to team member knowledge by connecting them with corporate systems and third-party services to provide real-time intelligence.

Access to SMEs and Back-End Systems

Like knowledge workers, frontline workers need the seamless ability to retrieve critical information from systems, training manuals, and subject matter experts (SMEs) that help them improve productivity. Similarly, corporate back-end systems provide access to inventory, pricing, guides, manuals, and knowledge bases. Voice bots ensure frontline employees can access knowledge and information on the go at their point of work to better serve customers and be more productive.

Value-Added Services Bots translate languages in real time, transcribe voice, and more.

Voice Bots - Language Translation - Orion

Language Translation

Voice Bots for real-time language translation are powerful productivity tools that unlock access to an expanded labor pool. Each worker communicates and receives responses from team members in their native language, ensuring everything is clearly understood. During this ongoing labor shortage, language translation bots make an immediate impact.

Voice Bots - Transcription - Orion


Voice Bots provide added support to routine activities and emergency situations by transcribing voice-to-text notes in real time. These notes can be automatically sent to third-party applications like Slack or Salesforce. Transcription also aids in incident reporting. Incident reports archive voice-to-text recordings and metadata like geolocation information for future analysis.

Orion’s Patented Voice Bots Revolutionize Frontline Operations

PTT 2.0 - Cloud Collaboration Platform - Orion

Orion’s Voice Bots dramatically accelerate innovation and meet the need to digitally transform operations. The frontline workforce is more productive, safer, and able to provide better customer service.

Ultimately, organizations that fail to embrace digital transformation for the frontline workforce will be left behind. Labor shortages, rising costs, and supply constraints mean organizations require innovative ways to achieve greater efficiency at each point of their operations.

Incorporating Orion Voice Bots into digital frontline operations is a competitive advantage with early adopters reaping outsized rewards. Innovative solutions like Voice Bots are transforming frontline productivity, and soon, those who hesitate to innovate will be swiftly outpaced.

Voice Bots are just one of the many ways Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform radically transforms frontline operations and unifies enterprise-wide communications. Organizations gain a next-generation solution that interoperates with modern systems, integrates with third-party services, offers end-to-end encryption, and deploys securely in the cloud. Voice, text, photos, videos, and files such as PDFs create a multimodal experience on one device. Workforces communicate with unmatched coverage over any distance, any network, and any device.

Equipped with AI Voice Bots, Orion’s next-generation PTT 2.0 Platform helps organizations meet their communication and collaboration requirements for years to come.

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