Video: The Orion Voice-First Intelligent Collaboration Platform

By: Jacqueline Wasem

Deskless workers need communication and collaboration solutions built for today’s business challenges and obstacles. But, these frontline teams have been forced to use dated and unsecure devices like radios or push-to-talk (PTT) applications.

Until now.

Innovative organizations in industries such as transportation, logistics, retail, health care, hospitality, and more are turning to Orion’s intelligent collaboration platform to support their frontline workforces in dynamic, complex environments.

Orion is changing the way organizations with deskless and frontline workers communicate and collaborate. Real-time collaboration, operational control, process automation, intelligence amplification, and analytics are now mission-critical for organizations competing in today’s marketplace.

Watch Our Video to Learn How Orion Takes Frontline Communication into the Future.

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A Collaboration Platform for the Frontline Workforce

The Orion Platform’s Voice AI bots and workflows are designed to take organizations on a digital transformation journey. Each pillar of Orion’s platform modernizes and innovates team communications and collaboration:

Real-Time Collaboration That Begins with Secure Push-to-Talk 2.0 (PTT 2.0)

Orion empowers teams with voice-first multimodal collaboration that includes high-quality push-to-talk audio, text, and visual media across any device. Teams communicate in ad hoc, 1:1, or group environments that enable managers to connect directly with relevant workers. All communications are secure with end-to-end encryption (E2EE). The platform is instantly scalable over any distance on any network, including LTE (5G-ready), private LTE (CRBS), Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh.

Operational Control to See Live Locations of All Team Members

Orion’s operations console with advanced location services provides real-time location and contextual data so managers always know where employees are, what they’re doing, and how they’re performing — no matter if they operate indoors or subbterranean. Management gains greater flexibility to deploy resources when and where they are needed, including in urgent and dynamic situations.

Process Automation That Eliminates Routine Work and Responds Faster in Urgent Situations

Orion’s voice-activated automation empowers the on-the-go workforce to focus on higher-value tasks by automating routine tasks like checklists, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and more. A command like “Help.Help.” deploys workers in the closest vicinity to provide assistance in urgent or dynamic situations. All processes are recorded and archived offering management greater control and actionable insights to improve operations.

Intelligence Amplification to Provide Real-Time Access to Systems and Subject Matter Experts

Orion’s Intelligence Amplification (IA) unlocks limitless potential for the deskless workforce. IA workflows enable frontline workers to learn more about new processes and products in real-time by connecting them to manuals and best-practice guides at their point of work. Deskless workers connect to knowledge bases or subject matter experts (SMEs) for real-time information and their backend systems for SOPs, key steps, and precautions.

Analytics to Gain Insights and Optimize Operations

The Orion Collaboration Platform captures 100% of an organization’s message stream, including voice, text, image, video, and attachments, creating an entirely new ability for organizations to gather situational awareness, conduct pattern analysis, and uncover untapped opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency. Organizations measure, report, and manage performance for internal and external improvement, ultimately revealing unique deskless operations insights for the first time.

Learn How Orion’s Collaboration Platform Transforms Operations

Orion creates a path for true innovation and digital transformation for the deskless and frontline workforce. Learn how Orion’s voice-first, multimodal collaboration, operational control, process automation, intelligence amplification, analytics can improve your workforce productivity, safety and compliance, and customer engagement.

Learn How Orion Can Transform Your Operations Today

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