Push-to-Talk 2.0

The Next Generation of Frontline Communication

Radios. Remember those? That was the beginning of Push-to-Talk.

In the century since the creation of walkie-talkies and analog radios, there’s of course been a ton of innovation. In search of a better alternative to analog and digital mobile radios (DMRs), some deskless workers turned to using shadow technology, such as using their own cell phones just to communicate with each other.

Push-to-talk (PTT) apps solved some of the problems frontline workers using multiple devices experienced. However, many users quickly discovered several popular PTT apps were not secure (creating large security and compliance risks) and none of the apps created a path for innovation (like automation, intelligence amplification, and analytics) or digital transformation.

And then… the innovation stopped. Push-to-Talk 1.0 came to a head with unsecure PTT apps, multiple devices, and DMRs — all while desked workers reaped the full benefits of collaboration platforms like Slack and Zoom.

That’s why we architected Push-to-Talk 2.0.

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PTT 2.0: The Future of Push-to-Talk

Orion’s PTT 2.0 solution is a cloud-based platform service that radically modernizes push-to-talk, moving well beyond the antiquated constraints of PTT 1.0.

There are four features that separate Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform from weak, unsecure PTT apps and take frontline communications into the future:

PTT 2.0 - Cloud Collaboration Push-to-Talk Platform - OrionA Powerful Cloud Collaboration Platform — Fully Interoperational With Modern Systems

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform is always on, from any location, at any time with HD quality audio. The platform employs a patented API layer leveraging Orion’s Voice and Location AI abstraction layer to connect to third-party services, data stores, and systems in real time. The platform leverages open APIs and a software development kit (SDK) that provides integration and voice activation to operational applications such as property, task, incident, and workforce management; routing; and situational awareness solutions.

PTT 2.0 provides tools for developers to write new integrations and utilize existing integrations with leading service providers, including IBM Watson, Microsoft, Twilio, Mapbox, HERE, ESRI, and ATAK — exponentially extending the operational benefits of the Orion platform.

Voice AI Bots and Workflows

With PTT 2.0, Orion Voice Bots participate in talk groups and perform tasks, respond to queries, and have agency. The always-on Bots listen and respond to commands, events, and actions automatically or manually. Orion’s PTT 2.0 Voice Bots enable you to:

  • Handle routine processes by automatically routing commands through Orion’s cloud service
  • Perform multiple complex actions with preset workflows like emergency alerts that send emails, audio recordings, geolocation, and electronic triggers for E911 calls
  • Voice-activate third-party integrations to translate languages in real time, amplify intelligence, connect to best-practice manuals and guides, and more

End-to-End Encryption and Security

Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform and message service is end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) at AES256 level with ephemeral keys and is certified to the FIPS 140-2, NSA Suite B cipher to protect your proprietary and sensitive information, communications, and — most important — your deskless workers. Deploy in-cloud, on-premise, or air-gapped to support your security and corporate governance requirements.

Advanced Functionality

Voice-First Multimedia Communication

Communicate securely with voice, text, photos, videos, and files such as PDFs. Collaborate with a multimodal experience on the go and on one device, creating a truly connected workforce.

Unmatched Coverage

Any Distance
Communicate over any distance, including onsite, on the road, across town, or around the globe. And certainly don’t worry about floors, stairwells, or concrete walls.

Any Network
Utilize any network for your communications, including LTE (5G-ready), private LTE (CBRS), Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh.

Any Device
Enjoy the broadest range of device support, including smart and/or ruggedized devices running Android, iOS, or browsers.

Operational Control

Operations Console
Communicate with distributed teams and handle dispatch with secure, web-based push-to-talk via a browser. Create control at central, regional, and local levels for team empowerment and accountability.

Advanced Location Services
Maintain centralized or distributed location visibility, mapping, management, and decision-making with advanced location services. Leverage real-time geolocation of each employee for better response, safety, and accountability, and utilize 3D (x-, y-, and z-axis) indoor location for asset and team member tracking beyond GPS capabilities.

Archiving and Compliance
Record, playback, and archive all staff messages and interactions, including voice, text, and visual media, as configured to company policy. Search and retrieve information at organizational, group, and user levels, as well as by date, time, and location.

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Of course, radios and PTT apps can neither provide any of this next-generation functionality nor can they meet your organization’s advancing requirements. Orion created our PTT 2.0 platform to modernize communications and operational control while accelerating innovation for your deskless workforce.

PTT 2.0 + Innovation = The Orion Platform

Empower and connect your deskless workforce with innovation from Orion. In addition to our PTT 2.0 platform, Orion offers countless opportunities for innovation, including:

Intelligence Amplification

Connect your deskless workers to your digital organization to amplify their abilities. Equip them with real-time access to subject matter experts (SMEs) and voice-activated systems like inventory, manuals, and best-practice guides.


Utilize substantial metadata, including user, team, location, time, sensor data, proximity, activity, and voice to produce predictive analytics for better decision-making. Conduct pattern analysis and detect anomalies to uncover opportunities for optimization and instituting best practices.

Amplify Your Push-to-Talk Communications Today With Orion’s PTT 2.0

Discover how Orion’s PTT 2.0 modernizes communications and operational control for your deskless workers. Get the fact sheet today to learn more!

PTT 2.0 Fact Sheet - Push to Talk Platform -Orion

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