Orion Named a Top Speech and Voice Recognition Startup by Tracxn

Orion’s Push-to-Talk (PTT) Platform Recognized For Creating the PTT 2.0 Category

Industry pundits, technology analysts, and tier-1 journalists are providing recognition for Orion’s patented push-to-talk (PTT) 2.0 communication platform. Tracxn, a global research and analytics firm, recently named Orion a Top Emerging Speech and Voice Recognition Startup.

Revolutionizing Communications With Orion’s Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0

Voice and Speech Recognition Award for Orion - Tracxn

Orion has been making waves in the speech and voice recognition category with its patented PTT 2.0 communication solution that helps deskless workers remain heads-up and hands-free. Orion’s PTT 2.0 platform radically modernizes frontline communications and push-to-talk to boost productivity, increase safety, improve customer engagement, and improve employee retention.

Tracxn notes the Speech and Voice Recognition startup sector is a booming industry, with nearly half of its development seen in the last three years. Tracxn’s Top Emerging Startups is a handpicked list of high-growth, high-potential companies making an impact in new and exciting sectors like Speech and Voice Recognition. Each company is evaluated based on publicly available signals combined with detailed analysis by Tracxn specialist teams. Selected startups demonstrated promise in market size, investments by marquee investors, execution excellence, and future growth prospects.

The Orion platform revolutionizes team communication with its PTT 2.0 platform powered by Voice AI Bots and third-party services integrations. Orion’s patented Voice Bots provide value-added solutions like real-time language translation and transcription. Voice-automation for routine work makes frontline teams more productive and helps them react faster and more accurately in critical situations and emergencies. Bots and Integrations amplify team member knowledge with real-time intelligence by connecting them with corporate systems and third-party internet services.

Orion’s cloud-native platform is end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) to protect proprietary and sensitive information and communications. The platform offers unmatched coverage, supporting communications over any distance, any network, and any device. The solution also has multimedia support and real-time location tracking.

Simply put, no one can do frontline voice communications better than we do.

PTT 2.0 - Cloud Collaboration Platform - Orion

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The Future of Speech and Voice Recognition

We’re pleased organizations like Tracxn recognize the potential of the fast-growing Speech and Voice Recognition industry. We’re even more pleased Tracxn recognizes our role in determining the sector’s future.

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