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Deploy the Orion Collaboration Platform to Fit the Needs of Your Unique Operation

Each of our customers has unique operations that require different considerations for the deployment of Orion’s Collaboration Platform. Our Engineering and Product teams have seen it all and are true experts in configuring the right Orion deployment option for each of our customer’s businesses — even those that require an unconventional or customized approach.

Collaboration software platform deployment options: Public, Private SaaS, or On-Premise

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The Orion Collaboration Platform: Configured to Fit Your Business

We are committed to ensuring Orion’s collaboration platform is available no matter which deployment method fits your business needs and requirements.

Each deployment supports Orion’s voice-first multimodal collaboration with secure communications, including high-quality audio, text, and visual media across any device. All organizations gain the benefits of the platform’s operational control, process automation, intelligence amplification, and analytics to optimize operations.

Each instance of Orion provides end-to-end encryption (E2EE) so customers can rest assured that all communications are secure. Our software also enables limitless scalability over any distance and is available on any network, including LTE (5G-ready), private LTE (CRBS), Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh.

Orion Deployment Options

We have you covered no matter how your organization plans to deploy Orion. Here are three deployment options to support your digitalization journey:

Orion-Hosted Collaboration Platform


Private SaaS Collaboration Platform

Private SaaS

(e.g. Self-Hosted, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP))

On-Premise Collaboration Software


(including Air-Gapped)

Orion-Hosted Collaboration Platform Deployment

Orion’s award-winning Engineering and Product teams manage the hosting, maintenance, and implementation of our software so your organization can scale the solution quickly with minimal friction. Orion uses Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) powerful and trusted cloud computing to provide reliable and highly available service. This deployment option supports customers looking to achieve a global or scalable deployment fast.

Private SaaS Collaboration Platform Deployment

Orion’s private SaaS deployment enables enterprises to take advantage of different cloud environments like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in addition to AWS and still enjoy support from Orion’s leading Engineering and Product teams. Orion’s private SaaS deployment enables a high level of configuration so organizations can meet unique logging, audit, or regulatory compliance requirements.

On-Premise Collaboration Platform Deployment

Orion’s on-premise collaboration software deployment allows for local servers and air-gapped options with support from Orion’s leading Engineering and Product teams. The on-premise deployment supports organizations that need to support deployment sites with limited connectivity or a requirement for complete control of all aspects of their Orion deployment.

Whatever You Choose, We Support You

Whether you decide to use Orion-hosted, private SaaS, or on-premise deployment, Orion’s Engineering and Product teams work closely with you and your IT team to maintain the platform, configure integrations, and set control policies to fit your business needs.

We’re here to help guide you through the entire deployment process. If you have questions, reach out to us today.

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