7 Ways Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0 Improves Physical Security Operations

Security Magazine Features Orion on the Benefits of Voice-First Communications for Security Teams

Today’s elevated threat landscape requires security leaders to know their teams are always prepared for urgent situations. Reliable, innovative technology plays a crucial role in ensuring operations can meet the demands of any crisis. The right tech stack for security operations includes communications and collaboration technology built to support emergency response and routine procedures.

So how do security leaders know they’ve deployed the best communications technology for their team?

7 Ways Push-to-Talk 2.0 Improves Physical Security Operations

Improving Security Communications with Push-to-Talk 2.0

In an article recently published in Security Magazine, Orion’s Roopa Misra shared why security operations urgently need to adopt effective communications tools:

“One of the most significant risks in the security industry is relying on limited communications technologies like radios or simple first-generation push-to-talk (PTT) apps. Each lacks the innovations of today’s intelligent solutions and cannot meet the full requirements of an enterprise-ready solution. Security Operations Centers (SOC) still struggle to communicate with personnel in the field, and teams in the field struggle to communicate with each other.”

Security guards, dispatchers, armed incident response teams, executive protection teams, and SOC analysts cannot properly do their jobs without effective communication. So, what’s the solution? Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0.

Misra explains:

“PTT 2.0 is the modern, intelligent solution to transform how security teams communicate and respond to today’s threats. All physical security personnel can benefit from improved communications. With PTT 2.0, physical security and executive protection teams will be prepared to meet their evolving communication and collaboration requirements for years to come.”

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7 Ways Push-to-Talk 2.0 Improves Physical Security Operations

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Transforming Security Operations with Orion PTT 2.0

PTT 2.0 is the ideal solution for security teams. It starts with the foundation of traditional push-to-talk, including voice, text, videos, and files such as PDFs. Security teams communicate with each other and their GSOC over any device, any network, including Wi-Fi and LTE, and any distance. Teams never lose connectivity across buildings, campuses, cities, or global operations.

Orion’s PTT 2.0 then layers innovations to create a comprehensive, enterprise-ready platform. Voice AI Bots listen and respond to voice commands providing automations like bidirectional, voice-to-voice translation, automated checklists, geofence triggers, man-down alerts, and more. End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) ensures that all messages are encrypted — a mission-critical component of field operations. Third-Party Integrations give voice to back-end systems and amplify situational intelligence via access to information and tools on the go while remaining heads up. And lastly, situational intelligence and reporting capabilities capture all communications and data points like location-based insights to provide a complete view of operations in real-time.

In the article, Misra covers seven ways PTT 2.0 transforms security operations, including:

#1 Expanded Operational Control for Security Operations Centers (SOC)

#2 Connectivity No Matter the Distance

#3 Seamless, Real-time Communication During Critical Situations

And More…

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