Webinar: The Future of Physical Security Communication with Push-to-Talk 2.0

Discover How to Digitally Transform Physical Security Operations

Today’s physical security landscape poses challenges to effective communication and incident response. Distributed personnel working in dynamic conditions often lose connectivity to their teams or Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). Switching between too many devices like radios, phones, desktops, or apps like WhatsApp fragment the complete view of operations. Security communications solutions also often lack full functionality to meet communications needs or do not meet data encryption standards.

Too many physical security teams have yet to address these problems, hindering their ability to protect against modern threats. In fact, a recent Orion survey of physical security professionals found that 44% of security teams are not satisfied with their communications solutions.

In order to keep people and property safe, security teams must adopt a complete platform that automates incident response, supports inter-departmental communications during critical situations, doesn’t lose contact as separation distance increases, provides real-time visibility, and simplifies after-action reporting so teams can focus on response, not reporting.

Security Magazine recently hosted a webinar on these challenges and the future of communications for physical security operations, featuring Orion Co-Founder and Advisor Greg Albrecht and Vice President of Channels and Partnerships Mort Jensen.

Future of Physical Security Communication

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Orion PTT 2.0 for Physical Security Operations

During the webinar, Albrecht and Jensen revealed a radically different solution to physical security teams’ operational challenges: Orion Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0 with Voice AI Bots.

Orion PTT 2.0 transforms the way physical security teams operate with a complete platform that starts with push-to-talk communications, including voice, text, videos, and files such as PDFs. Teams communicate over any device, any network, including Wi-FI and LTE, and any distance, supporting connectivity across buildings, campuses, and cities, as well as global enterprises. Seamless connectivity means teams are always connected to their GSOC — no matter the location.

Here are a few ways Orion builds on its push-to-talk functionality with advanced features that radically modernize physical security operations:

Voice AI Bots: Orion Voice AI Bots are always on and ready to perform complex workflows by responding to voice queries, commands, events, or actions. Automation possibilities include language translation, operational checklists, geofence or location-based triggers, emergency or all-call alerts, man-down alerts, lone-worker alerts, and more. The Orion survey showed that 84% of security operations would benefit from improved operational efficiency and increased team safety driven by Orion Voice AI Bots.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE): Orion PTT 2.0 also meets the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) standards required by today’s security teams. All messages sent over the Orion platform are encrypted using AES-256 with ephemeral keys and are compliant with the FIPS 140-2 standard. 91% of respondents in Orion’s survey indicated that encryption was mission critical to operations.

Situational Intelligence and Reporting: Orion captures all of the location and voice data sent over the platform to provide GSOCs with a complete view of operations, ultimately improving situational awareness. The platform also helps teams generate quality reporting for archiving and analysis to increase the productivity and accountability of their teams. Voice-driven daily activity reports (DAR) enable officers to stay heads up while documenting their observations

Third-Party Integrations: Orion’s patented API-layer supports third-party integrations that give voice access to critical back-end systems. Teams access the information and tools they need on the go while staying heads up and situationally aware.

Watch the webinar to learn more about how Orion PTT 2.0 helps innovate operations, gain situational intelligence, and overcome the challenges of today’s physical security landscape.

Orion Speakers:

Greg Albrecht

Greg Albrecht
Co-Founder and Advisor

Mort Jensen

Mort Jensen
Vice President of Channels and Partnerships

Watch the Security Magazine Webinar

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