Push-to-Talk 2.0 (PTT 2.0): Transforming Communications for the Defense and Intelligence Communities

Top 4 Takeaways from DoDIIS 2021

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) recently convened its annual Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference in Phoenix. The discussion centered on the urgent need to prepare the government’s technological infrastructure to meet new challenges in the years ahead.

We heard how frontline communication is a critical component of this infrastructure. In today’s landscape, this means that not just any push-to-talk (PTT) solution will do for government operations.

Planning for the Future of Government Field OperationsDoDIIS: 4 key takeaways

Before we even built the Orion platform, we were compelled by the complex and dynamic needs of government agencies. We reevaluated push-to-talk and built a platform that moved beyond the limitations pervasive across the communications industry. Orion didn’t just build another push-to-talk platform, we radically modernized communications and architected our PTT 2.0 platform with the Intelligence Community in mind.

Our commitment to innovating frontline communications aligns with Defense and Intelligence community directives that were front and center at DoDIIS 2021. Here are our top four takeaways on the future of field communications within intelligence and defense, including details on the critical role of Orion’s PTT 2.0 in making this future available today:

#1: End-to-End Encryption and Data Security Are Paramount to Frontline Communication Technology

Push-to-talk at DoDIIS - 4 major takeawaysToday’s Defense and Intelligence teams need technology to help them act faster and smarter, but they cannot compromise on security and encryption. In fact, it’s imperative that any technology used by the Intelligence Community exceeds the pace of cyber threat developments.

Orion’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is built into the very fabric of Orion’s platform. No other push-to-talk (PTT) platform offers this level of foundational security. Instead, inferior PTT solutions have attempted to find security workarounds after entering the market. The reality is that after-the-fact patches lack proper E2EE protocols and are not suitable to support government operations today or in the future.

Defense and Intelligence field teams are able to confidently rely on Orion’s platform knowing its security complies with the highest levels by the federal government. Teams securely communicate on the go on any device, with voice, text, photos, videos, and files such as PDFs. Each message is end-to-end encrypted using AES-256 with ephemeral keys and is compliant with the FIPS 140-2 standard which protects proprietary and sensitive information and communications. In addition to public cloud deployments, the Orion platform supports private cloud deployments as well as on-premise or air-gapped.

Learn about Orion’s end-to-end encryption.

#2: Frontline Technology Should Help Field Teams Do More With Less

Orion’s Push-to-Talk 2.0 (PTT 2.0) radically transforms communications with Voice AI Bots and platform integrations. Orion’s patented Voice Bots participate in talk groups and provide cutting-edge, innovative solutions to help frontline government operations do more with less.

These bots enable teams to offload routine processes triggered by voice commands, events, or actions. Team members also use voice commands to activate third-party integrations and access value-added services like real-time language translation and transcription.

Orion Voice Bots also perform complex, multi-step workflows. Take the example of an emergency alert. Voice-commands like “Code Blue” start an escalation that sends an email or SMS, an audio recording, and geolocation information to predetermined team members, kicking off rapid and targeted responses to any emergency that arises. Geofences or inactivity for a set amount of time can also trigger emergency response workflows.

Learn about Orion’s Voice AI Bots.

#3: Communications Should Interoperate with Field Team and Government Technology

Government technology ecosystems contain vast data stores critical to successful missions. At DoDIIS, Intelligence and Defense experts expressed that how desked and deskless teams access that information will be a critical component of building the right tech stack to take on the future. One “how” that is often overlooked is voice.

Orion’s secure platform offers seamless accessibility and gives voice to government systems by integrating with third-party technology. Teams use voice to access critical information while remaining heads up and aware. Team members easily amplify their knowledge by connecting to systems or obtaining best-practice manuals, guides, or mission information right from the field and on-demand.

Orion’s patented API layer changes the game by enabling teams to leverage valuable data within third-party solutions to increase situational awareness. For example, Orion location data combined with the ability to initiate communications bolster operations and response with platforms like ATAK (Android Team Awareness/Tactical Assault Kit), geospatial systems like ESRI, and more.

Learn about Orion’s Integrations.

#4: Field Teams Need Solutions That Connect Over Any Network, Device, and Location

Too many communications systems lock users into networks, devices, and platforms that are unable to scale or force deployment limitations. These constraints no longer meet the dynamic needs of the modern-day Intelligence Community.

The Orion Platform is designed to operate on any network, enabling communication over any distance. In fact, there is no gap in where teams can operate. Communications are available on a local, regional, and global level — allowing teams to connect over any IP connection, whether LTE (public or private), Wi-Fi, satellite, or mesh. Orion is also device-agnostic and configurable to meet the needs of any field operation worldwide.

Learn more about Orion’s broad device support.

Push-to-Talk 2.0 (PTT 2.0) and Transforming Frontline Defense and Intelligence Communications

PTT 2.0 - Cloud Collaboration Platform - OrionLike the experts at DoDIIS, we agree that it’s time to modernize the government’s technological infrastructure, especially when it comes to field team communications. Field teams need the ability to communicate securely with voice, text, photos, videos, and files such as PDFs. By collaborating on the go and on one device, they become more effective at their missions.

Orion architected PTT 2.0 to help defense and intelligence agencies meet their evolving communication and collaboration requirements — today and in the years to come.

Learn how Orion’s Push-to-Talk 2.0 can transform your field team operations.

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