Enable Guest-Centric Operations with Hospitality Voice AI

Voice Automations and Workflows Built for the Hospitality Workforce

Exceptional properties can have world-class facilities, but if hospitality teams can’t match quality amenities with quality service, guest experience suffers. Today’s hospitality teams are tasked with providing exceptional service but are often understaffed or in perpetual new hire cycles. The pressure to maintain ratings and meet guest expectations leaves many teams searching for ways to amplify the abilities of each team member, helping them accomplish more with less. 

Orion’s Voice AI Platform solves this problem with our proprietary Voice AI Bots that participate in Orion’s talk groups — serving as additional team members or digital employees and amplifying the abilities of each team member. Whether off-the-shelf or customized, our Voice AI Bots help teams like housekeeping, events, engineering, food and beverage, recreation, concierge, grounds, security, and more. 

The on-the-go workforce uses voice-activated access to information and automated workflows to stay heads up and engaged with guests. New employees gain the edge-delivered support and connectivity to data they need to be immediately productive with simple, spoken commands. Management gains greater visibility and insight into team members' actions and operations. They also spend less time trying to reach team members and more time on high-value tasks that impact the guest experience. 

Enable Guest-Centric Operations with Hospitality Voice AI

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Voice Automation for the Hospitality Industry

Guest experience is critical to maintaining successful properties and top travel ratings. Orion Voice Bots support workflows that help staff respond to guest requests faster, anticipate guest needs, and customize experiences to guest preferences. Here are examples of Hospitality Voice Bots:

Voice Bots - Language Translation - Orion

Speech-to-Speech Language Translation

Hospitality teams frequently bring on staff that do not speak English as their primary language, resulting in multilingual teams and language barriers that can lead to miscommunication. Orion Voice AI Bots enable bidirectional, speech-to-speech language translation in over 60 languages, so workers are always communicating in real-time in their native language. 

Orion employs IBM Watson’s powerful AI capabilities to instantly translate speech inputs to support real-time communication. A staff person speaks in their native language, and Orion’s platform leverages our proprietary transcoding, machine learning, and best-in-class third-party services to decode language inputs and translate that to the receiver’s native language and back again. Orion’s Language Translation Bots also support additional Voice AI Bots and workflows (like those outlined below) in the user’s native language.

Teams eliminate language barriers, increasing the efficiency and safety of operations for any worker. Managers can hire the best available staff during the current labor shortage — regardless of their native language.

Voice Bots - Emergency Alerts - Orion

Emergency Alert

Safety measures are mission-critical to hospitality operations with guests and workers dispersed across a building or property. Guest safety is paramount, and staff members like housekeeping often operate alone. Orion ensures team members and managers know staff or guests in need will receive a quick, automated response and backup in a crisis. 

Orion’s Emergency Alert Bot supports emergencies, critical, or urgent situations with advanced location information and multi-step process automation that speeds incident response times. Emergency workflows are triggered by words like “Help-Help.” Once triggered, the closest security and management personnel are deployed for immediate assistance to the location with both x and y-axis precision. An automatic alert email is sent to predetermined team members, and e911 calls including latitude and longitude information can be made without leaving the platform. During the incident, Orion captures every data point and records all messages, transcribing them for future analysis or reporting.

Voice Bots - Checklists and SOPs - Orion

Voice-Automated Checklists

Small automations of routine, everyday tasks like checklists have a big impact across functions like maintenance, security, and housekeeping. Instead of paper and clipboards, workers use voice to walk through checklists that automatically store and archive their responses so no information is lost or steps are missed.  

With our Checklist Bot, housekeeping uses voice to walk through a cleaning checklist for each room with voice prompts for each cleaning stage. Once complete, they can note the room is clean and use voice to update backend systems to show the room is now ready. In the case of security, guards can start a patrol checklist that prompts them to to check specific entrances or patrol certain areas. Maintenance can work through a work order checklist, note the task is complete, and receive new work orders — all through voice.


Voice-Access to Hospitality Systems

One of the most transformative ways Orion Voice AI Bots amplify hospitality work is by enabling voice query access to backend or corporate systems like HotSOS, Alice, and more. Orion Bots use proprietary machine learning to recognize the task-oriented language used by hospitality workers and transcode those inputs into data that can update or query back-end systems. 

Each hospitality operation is unique, but all properties can benefit from Orion Voice AI Bots that help retrieve or update information in corporate systems like property management systems, housekeeping or maintenance software, and labor management software.

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VIP Guest Arrival

Voice AI Bots support multistep workflows like VIP Guest Arrival that alert teams and backend systems and prompt actions the moment a guest arrives on property. 

The VIP Guest Arrival Bot invokes specific actions for front gate attendants, valets, management, concierge, and housekeeping. Back-end systems and staff work together to ensure room preparation is confirmed or expedited and amenities and dining reservations are double-checked. Back-end systems send automated emails to relevant staff or management to note guest preferences or information like birthdays and anniversaries. Guests receive a seamless welcome every time.

Drive Innovation and Better Guest Experiences in Hospitality with Orion Voice Bots

Orion Voice AI Bots are designed to transform frontline hospitality work. Hospitality operations gain greater efficiency and productivity, as well as the tools necessary to keep staff and guests safe. Even the smallest workflows like automated checklists can save time every day — adding up to dramatic ROI year after year. 

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