4 Ways Unified Communications Can Help in a Labor Shortage

Hotel Management Magazine Features Orion on Voice-First Communications for Hospitality

The tight labor market is stretching the abilities of today’s hospitality operations. Longtime hospitality workers are seeking jobs in less stressful industries and new applicants are hard to find. High staff turnover and unfilled positions have resulted in a less experienced workforce and shortened hours for restaurants and amenities. The reality is that hospitality teams need better tools that help them boost efficiency if they hope to keep their high levels of service.

One solution is voice-first Unified Communications. Voice-first Unified Communications, like Orion’s innovative Push-to-Talk (PTT) 2.0, offer hospitality leaders a chance to transform their operations and provide relief to struggling teams. Read on to learn more.

Unified Communications Can Help in a Labor Shortage

Boost Hospitality Operations with Push-to-talk (PTT) 2.0

In a recent article for Hotel Management Magazine, Orion’s Roopa Misra shared how adopting Unified Communications (UC) transforms frontline hospitality operations:

“UC has traditionally been reserved for desked or knowledge workers, but now is the time to connect the entire hospitality workforce with intelligent tools that help them do more with less. Hospitality operations need UC solutions specifically designed for the realities of dynamic, on-the-go work in frontline enterprises. This means any Unified Communications solution adopted must be voice-first, or push-to-talk.”

Adopting a voice-first approach means teams gain access to standard push-to-talk functionality like the basic ability to securely communicate 1:1 or in groups via voice, text, image or video. Playback and message logs also mean team members never miss a communication if they’re heads-up with guests. But this is just the beginning.

When hospitality teams give voice to systems, they unlock the potential to supercharge their teams. Misra explains:

“Innovative PTT 2.0 voice platforms don’t stop here, though. They layer location intelligence and mapping to provide operational visibility for managers who no longer have to search the property to find team members. Voice AI Bots deliver off-the-shelf solutions like bidirectional voice-to-voice language translation that dramatically improves productivity and safety and voice checklists that voice automate lists and digitally archive responses instead of relying on paper and clipboard. And system integrations connect the entire workforce from front to back with critical hospitality systems — revolutionizing how the frontline workforce operates.”

Get the article to learn more about Orion PTT 2.0 for Hospitality Operations.

Hotel Management Orion Unified Communicaiton to Mitigate Labor Shortage

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Four Ways to Transform Hospitality Operations with PTT 2.0

In the Hotel Management Magazine article, Misra dives into four ways adopting a Unified Communications platform like Orion’s PTT 2.0 provides immediate relief to understaffed or inexperienced hospitality teams.

Those four benefits are:

  1. Enhanced Guest Experience
  2. Improved Staff and Cross-Departmental Communication
  3. Better Operational Oversight
  4. Support for Multilingual Teams with Bidirectional Speech-to-Speech Language Translation

Want to learn more about each benefit of adopting PTT 2.0? You’ll have to download the free article.

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