Article: 4 Ways to Include Deskless Logistics Workers in Your Digital Strategy

Orion Featured in Inbound Logistics on Why Leaders Must Embrace a Connected Deskless Worker Strategy

Growing competition, supply chain constraints, and demand shifts increase pressure on logistics companies to protect long-term profits by building resilient organizations. To do this, innovative leaders turn to digital transformation initiatives, but these initiatives often neglect the manifold opportunities in transforming how the deskless workforce operates.

Inbound Logistics recently featured Orion Labs and the collaboration platform’s unique ability to transform deskless work for the logistics industry.

Deskless Logistics Workers - Orion Labs

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Digital Transformation for Frontline Work

Orion Labs’ Senior Solutions Consultant Sean Timmins explains:

“Digitalization solutions must consider the distributed nature of their supply chain counterparts. Imagine a truck driver enters a geofenced area. Just by entering the area, an automated workflow can start that alerts receiving to the inbound location, sends the driver information on which dock they should use, and deploys unloading resources to meet them. Further automated SOPs can support the unloading crew in tracking and logging the truck’s inventory, updating warehouse systems in real-time, and reducing the need for manual data transfer.”

Supporting Deskless Logistics Workers

In the article, Timmins covers four reasons that demonstrate how logistics teams benefit from collaboration solutions:

  1. Amplification of the worker’s ability
  2. Automation of routine and procedural processes
  3. Support in dynamic and urgent environments
  4. Connecting workers on any device, anywhere

Innovation for the Logistics Industry

The Orion platform enables process automation and intelligence amplification that turn deskless workers into an unmatched advantage wherever they operate. Timmins notes:

“Current communication technology is often not designed to provide deskless workers with access to greater team collaboration, critical information, or automated processes. Innovative organizations must consider new collaboration solutions that drive the digital transformation of the entire supply chain and the logistics workforce.”

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The Orion Solution

Deskless workers often rely on out-dated radios, PTT devices, or even cell phones to communicate with their teams, but they need heads-up technology supporting their ability to collaborate while driving vehicles, using heavy machinery, or loading stock. Orion’s collaboration platform helps logistics enterprises first modernize and then digitally transform how their deskless workforce operates.

Orion offers deskless workers the ability to access greater team collaboration, critical information, and automated processes that increase efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Learn more about Orion’s collaboration platform here.

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