Showcasing Indoor Positioning and Panic Workflows at the 2019 HITEC Hospitality Conference

The Orion team had an exciting week in Minneapolis for the annual Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®) conference last week. Orion invited all attendees to try out the future of voice services for hospitality. The team showcased solutions for enhancing operational efficiency and providing delightful guest experiences. Leaders and team members from Orion’s partner Polaris Wireless joined the Orion team in demonstrating advanced indoor positioning services that don’t require adding beacons.

3 Major Trends at HITEC 2019

Through show floor conversations and educational conference sessions, three major trends in hospitality technology emerged:

New technologies like Panic buttons and indoor location are in demand. For one thing, increased employee safety means better efficiency, because when workers feel protected, they can focus on the work at hand. Second, mapping technologies like indoor positioning services help teams cooperate more efficiently. On the show floor, hospitality executives strongly preferred solutions like Orion’s AI Workflows and indoor positioning services.

Providing access to all necessary tools on one device is critical to improving efficiency in the enterprise. Most hotels are enabling their employees with smart devices that work with Orion. For example, team members wearing Android phones and iPod Touch devices that already have a hotel’s task management app running can seamlessly use Orion voice communication to stay heads-up while they go about their workday. For hotels that currently pay for employees’ personal cellular plans instead of providing devices, Orion can offer a networked, substitute device for a fraction of the cost through our Device as a Service offering.

Task management software isn’t enough. Hospitality workforces need real-time voice, not text chat and calling. Always-on voice solutions like Orion enable greater efficiency and enhanced guest experiences by providing robust communications.

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