What is Orion Device as a Service (DaaS)?

Acquiring a new communications solution usually requires a complicated purchasing effort: a basket of hardware, software, and subscription options need to be negotiated and secured with multiple vendors before a system can even be tested.

Don’t have time for all that? Would you prefer a fully managed solution that includes everything (hardware, software, and service) you need to keep your teams heads up and always connected?

Orion’s Device as a Service (DaaS) program offers voice-enabled devices that are ready to use immediately. Perfect for teams without their own phones or an existing hardware infrastructure, DaaS simplifies the experience of using Orion and gives your team a familiar tool that makes staying in sync easy.

What is the Orion Device as a Service (DaaS) program?

The Orion Device as a Service program provides a ruggedized Kyocera DuraForce PRO phone provisioned with Orion Push to Talk. We also take care of the network connectivity, device management, and support, so you can utilize the Orion Voice Platform right out of the box.

Why should we use DaaS with our teams?

Orion managed devices like DaaS make it easy for your team to connect anywhere. DaaS phones are rugged and feature a built-in push to talk button. This means that the phone can operate in some of the toughest environments, and it provides a familiar walkie-talkie or Nextel-like experience to your users. (Orion is not affiliated with Nextel or Sprint.)

With our white-glove service approach, we take a complete end-to-end approach in providing devices to your team. The devices come pre-installed with only the Orion app and access to a limited number of settings, meaning you don’t need to worry about your staff using the phones for non-work related uses. No phone calls, no text messaging, no browsing the web or downloading of consumer apps. Our offering is a true, business-grade voice service.

DaaS is perfect for:

  • Organizations that don’t want to use staff time for provisioning and maintaining devices
  • Teams who need rugged, durable devices that are easy to use
  • Operations or IT Managers who prefer a high level of support

Can we use Orion AI Voice Workflows with DaaS?

Yes! Orion’s DaaS program is compatible with every Voice Workflow and feature of the Orion Voice Platform.

Why did Orion select the Kyocera DuraForce PRO?

Orion selected the DuraForce PRO for its built-in rugged durability and large dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button, powerful battery, and accessory support – all in a slim phone form factor. Our customers find it a convenient and worry-free solution. For more information, see specifications on the Kyocera website.

What accessories can our teams use with DaaS devices?

Please see this article for a complete list of supported accessories.

What cellular carrier do you use?

A variety of major carriers is available. To discuss your options, contact our Solutions Team at

Can DaaS devices connect to our Wi-Fi?

Yes! DaaS phones can connect to onsite Wi-Fi.

Our property has excellent Wi-Fi coverage. Can we get DaaS devices without a data plan?

Yes, you can choose to utilize Wi-Fi only and skip the data plan. This works best for organizations that have strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout their worksite. We recommend you include a data plan if your team works in areas such as sub-basements, rooftops, outdoor areas, and parking garages, as those environments often don’t have strong Wi-Fi.

Can we use Orion with our own phones instead of using DaaS?

Yes! The Orion Push to Talk app works on most iOS and Android phones, including Sonim and Kyocera devices. If you would prefer to manage your team’s devices, you can purchase smartphones and then subscribe to the Orion Voice Platform.

Learn more and try Orion DaaS with your team

DaaS can help you get your team in sync and collaborating faster right away, without going through complicated buying processes to set up your team’s devices and network service.

For more information about the DaaS program, and how you can be a part of it, visit our Orion Managed Devices page or contact our Solutions Team at solutions@orionlabs.io to get started.