States Legislate Panic Workflows for Hospitality Staff – Orion Delivers Solution Today

The State of New Jersey recently mandated into law a requirement for the hospitality industry to provide workers with wearable devices that have real-time connectivity to summon help in an emergency. Frankly, it’s about time. Other states seem set to follow, and industries are rapidly moving to protect and enable a category of lone workers who are often disconnected and out of the team-communications loop.

What are panic buttons, and why are they important?

Panic-enabled communication solutions employ devices with push-to-talk buttons worn by hospitality workers that instantly transmit a security alert when a worker is put in harmful positions, such as being assaulted or harassed. Lone workers like housekeepers have increasingly reported sexual assault and harassment by a small percentage of hospitality customers. For hospitality organizations to operate effectively for the vast majority of guests, it’s important that organizations better protect these workers from harm.

What other panic communication laws have been created?

Chicago, Miami Beach and Long Beach have also passed panic button legislation that requires hotels, motels, and/or hostels to provide panic buttons to workers who attend to rooms, restaurants, room service, minibars, and other environments where guests are present.

Additionally, Shawn D. Fabian of the Labor & Employment Law Blog adds (emphasis ours):

Apart from the passage of local ordinances, “panic button” measures have made their way into several collective bargaining agreements across the country, including those in New York. As a result, the lodging industry should keep a close eye on these measures as they are gaining momentum nationwide.

Learn more about the Orion panic communication solution

Orion provides a complete and easy solution using real-time push-to-talk communications and wearable devices, automated Emergency and Panic workflows, and, when coupled with Orion’s Indoor Positioning Services, enables rapid and pinpoint response to lone workers like hotel service staff, even for workers who don’t speak English natively.

Orion recognized this need across a variety of industries and has been deploying the Orion Voice Platform with Panic Workflows in Hospitality, Mining, Heavy Industry and other safety and compliance oriented industries with deskless and lone workers.

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