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Orion on the Road at the Circuit of the Americas

By Nelz Carpentier This past weekend, I got the epic chance to visit with Danny Walker, Jeremy Latrasse and many of the other Roadrace Factory team members at Austin’sCircuit of the Americas. It was the weekend’s last day of racing for the MotoGPand MotoAmerica series. Though I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 10 years now, […]

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Running with Onyx

Since Onyx was released last year, we’ve seen several different ways people are putting theirs to use. We’ve shared stories about skiing and cycling with you, but we’ve also seen tweets from people using their Onyx while running. So, we decided to check in with some of those runners. When friends Riley and Whitney started […]

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Unveiling Orion: Behind the Scenes with Amani Loutfy

Amani Loutfy’s road to her position as Orion’s Operations Manager is an interesting one. From running an art collective, to working in local government and helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina get temporary shelters, she’s accumulated a wealth of great experiences helping businesses and charities deal with transitions. We recently sat down with her for […]

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OnBeep is now Orion!

As of today, OnBeep is Orion. When you look up at the night sky, there are countless stars spread out across the expanse. Some may shine brighter than others, but they all come together to form unique constellations. These shapes in the sky have captivated the imagination as long as we have had history, inspiring […]

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Hitting the Slopes with Onyx

Over the last few weeks, people all around the United States have been putting their brand new Onyx devices to use. One of the best stories we’ve heard so far? Using Onyx to keep in touch with family on a ski trip. Meet Andy. He spent his holidays skiing in Lake Tahoe with his family. Before […]

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