451 Research Issues Business Impact Brief: Enabling Workforce Digital Transformation and Agile Collaboration for Deskless Workers

2021 Workforce Productivity and Collaboration Trends for the Deskless Workforce

451 Research, the leading analyst in topics and technologies driving digital transformation, issued a new report on digital transformation for deskless workers.

As 451 notes, “the deskless workforce is a critical component of a wide range of vertical markets and use cases — including security, facilities management, retail, energy and mining, transportation, hospitality, manufacturing, and health care — but they have been largely underserved by business communications and collaboration tools.”

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Enterprises must consider how they manage, empower, and connect their deskless workforce with a business communications infrastructure that also addresses compliance, end-to-end encryption, and mobile device capabilities.

The brief affirms that business conditions are increasing the importance of including deskless workers in digital transformation initiatives, stating “conditions are making secure remote collaboration a top priority for organizations that aim to differentiate based on their digital transformation leadership – ahead of other initiatives including risk mitigation, ensuring continuous uptime, modernizing and mobilizing business applications, and supporting different cloud platforms.”

Download 451 Research’s Business Impact Brief to discover:

  • How collaboration software enables productivity and an agile operating approach
  • Why voice-first, intelligent tools are key for frontline workers
  • The enormous cost savings achieved with effective collaboration
  • How improved communications transforms business operations
  • And so much more

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